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Thanks for your interest in Pics by Peep! When I say “Portraits with a difference”, I mean, if you want a typical shot of yourself photoshopped over a busy background or a morph, then Pics by Peep isn’t for you 🙂

I concentrate on YOU…I prefer simple backgrounds, closer work rather than full body shots (although I will do them upon request) and poses and lighting that reflect who you are. If that sounds like what you want to set your profile apart, then contact me for a consultation and appointment! You can do this by contacting me in world by IM or notecard or email me: .

RATES (effective February 25, 2017):

Individual Profile or Picks photo*: $850L
Couples Profile or Picks photo*: $1500L


* 4:3 Ratio

Sorry, but I do not do larger groups, weddings or other events.

Thanks and please contact me with any questions or if you would like to book a consultation. I live in Australia, so I am online late afternoons/evenings. Appointments can be booked Friday-Saturday from 5pm SLT onward.

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