Photography in Second Life isn’t all about the formal, posed sessions. Some of my favourite photos are candid shots that have been taken in various clubs where I have worked and hang out. The thing I love about clubs in Second Life is that you never know what’s going to rez into the club!

From fishes going pook pook…

1 Fishes_007

To dancing popsicles and roller skating M&Ms.

1 DancingPopsicleSkatingMnM

I’ve worked as a host in a lot of clubs and I’ve had the honour and pleasure of working with some amazing DJs there. Two of my very favourites are DJ Maddie and DJ Dax. I never know what will happen when we’re on stage together!

1 rockin peeps

1 Dax Silks_042

While you may see things in Second Life clubs you would never see in real life clubs, you can count on hearing good music, having lots of laughs and meeting some amazing people. The reasons we frequent clubs in Second Life are no different than those of people heading to their local bar on a Friday night: to unwind, relax and spend time in the company of friends.

Just hanging out, soaking up the atmosphere, havin’ a good time.