I Might Have Been An Artist

I’m taking a break from my blogging commitments to do a post of things I bought, just because I love them. I played probably more than I should on the !gO! gacha machine at Shiny Shabby, not to win a Rare (which I did, by the way), but to get this top. Free-spirited, fun and perfectly textured, it is a wonderful top for casual prettiness. The rolled-cuff straight-leg jeans from *COCO* at Uber are another great find for just kicking around. But my favourite find are these tippy-toe flat sandals from {kokoia}. This is a new store to me, but I couldn’t resist these adorable shoes that come with 10 beautiful textures via a HUD for only 99L! I love flat shoes, but I prefer the look of heels (or tiptoes) for the length they give my legs. This is a perfect storm of sandal and sexy calves and thighs.

The scene is from on location at Elysion, a members-only sim. It seemed to work perfectly with my carefree look. It made me think that had my talents run a different direction, I might have been an artist.

Instead, I guess I’ll just have to be content with being a happy shopper.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
Top: !gO! Hippie top – Maitreya Lara – 4 (gacha prize) by Gocha Merlin (available at Shiny Shabby March 2017)
Jeans: *COCO*StraightLegJeans(Blue)_Maitreya by cocoro Lemon (available at Uber March 25 – April 23)
Shoes: {kokoia} :: Halle High :: Shoes :: for maitreya by kokoia
Hair: little bones. Twyla by Nova Faerye (available at Uber March 25 – April 23)
*Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 by Catwa Clip
Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Mesh hands: VISTA PROHANDS FEM V.2FINAL by VistaMesh
*Mesh head applier: *Birth* 3rd Gen ‘Freya’ Catwa (Catya_bento) Applier – 03. Tone by Silent Alchemi
*Mesh body applier: *Birth* 3rd Gen Maitreya Body Skin Applier – 03. Tone v1.0 by Silent Alchemi
*Freckles: .::Nanika::. KIRA Freckles by sDEVAs

Location: Elysion (members only)

Before It’s Too Late

Skin Fair 2017 is drawing to a close. It finishes on Sunday, March 26th, so if you haven’t been yet, you had better add it to your agenda for the weekend. Even if you have been already, there is never any harm in making one last trip to make sure you haven’t missed something essential.

After you have made your final Skin Fair visit, it will be time for the opening of Uber. Just look at this lovely top from *Just BECAUSE*. It is daring and sexy and sweet at the same time! I am wearing one of the patterns that is exclusive with the purchase of the Fatpack. There are eight floral prints in addition to the standard *JB* pallete, so it is well worth the splash-out.

Please note that Annie has included this note:

Rigging is a very hard process, and when you have two mesh items layered close to each other such as clothing and bodies with different topology, it will never be exact. Alphas help with this and are our friends. However, sometimes, alphas can’t always cover certain areas depending on the mesh item.

Please note that this mesh item was especially hard to rig due to the difficulty of rigging to the shoulders and armpits and not being able to use alphas in those regions. Trying to have mesh lay over the top of the armpits and move without clipping is nearly impossible. Some clipping may occur with certain poses and animations. We have done our very best with rigging this item, but couldn’t make it perfect.

As such we STRONGLY ADVISE trying a FREE demo of this item!

That being said, I have had no problems with the rigging and trust me, I put this top through a LOT of poses today!

You will also want to pick up the Sadie Platforms from fri.day when Shoetopia opens. It opens on the 25th, but as I write this I am not sure if it already open or if it opens later today. I’m afraid I don’t have a SLurl to the event at this time, but I will do my best to update this post when it is available. In the meantime, you can just drool over my shoes (which come with optional over-the-knee socks for Maitreya Lara with a four-colour texture change HUD). *Edit: Link has been added

So, your task for the weekend is to try to get into Uber and Shoetopia after you have visited Skin Fair…before it’s too late.

Pale Girl Productions Logo 1j

Skin Fair Sim 1
Skin Fair Sim 2

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*Top: *Just BECAUSE* *JB* Misty Shirt (Fatpack Exclusive Print) by Annie Melson (available at Uber March 25 – April 23)
Skirt: _CandyDoll_Akahana Collection Skirt Maitreya Pale Rose Floral by Jacinda Jaxxon (gacha prize)
*Shoes: fri.day – Sadie Platforms (Sage) by Darling Monday (available at Shoetopia beginning March 25)
Hair: *ARGRACE* TOKIWA by rika Oyen
*Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 by Catwa Clip (available at Skin Fair 2017 March 10-26)
Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Mesh hands: VISTA PROHANDS FEM V.2FINAL by VistaMesh
*Mesh head applier: *YS&YS* Cherry Tone03 Skin Applier – Catwa Mesh Head by Monicuzza Babenco (available at Skin Fair 2017 through March 26)
Mesh body applier: *YS&YS* Tone 03 Body applier v2.0 for Maitreya by Monicuzza Babenco
Mesh hands applier: *YS&YS* Tone 03 Vista Hands Skin Applier by Monicuzza Babenco

Rock/pose: Amitie Poses – Rocks by BELEN Ackland (available at Shiny Shabby March 2017)

Auntie Peep’s Bedtime Story


Something a little different at MadPea International Food Fair is this nursery scene and pose/prop set from -NOeditiON-. These prizes (plus another pose/prop set) are rares in their gacha. The scene is very detailed and the pose comes with two different babies – one light, one dark. They are great photography sets and of course, if you have your own little one, you can read to him. While I have cropped the shot closely to really only show the bed, the scene is actually a full room, complete with an armchair for snuggling, bookshelves, toys and other props. It is well worth trying your luck for this really well-done scene.

My outfit is a mix and match set, with an older top to go with this new mainstore release by *Just BECAUSE*, the Tori pencil skirt and adorable plats from fri.day, available at the latest round of Uber.

Unusually for me, this is a raw shot, other than cropping. I decided to let the scene tell the story itself. Just like Auntie Peep should do.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
Top: Addams – Gizem Mesh Top – Maitreya Lara by AmaliaRainwood
*Skirt: *Just BECAUSE* *JB* Tori Pencil Skirt by Annie Melson (new mainstore release)
*Shoes: fri.day fri. – Casey.Plats (Candy) by Darling Monday (available at Uber through March 23)
*Glasses: CONVAIR Eyeglasses – Arnold black by Tobias Convair
Hair: Hair: .Entwined. Polly by VivienMarli (available at Shiny Shabby through March 15)
*Lipstick: Izzie’s – LeLutka Metallic Lipsticks by Izzie Button
*Eye makeup: Izzie’s – LeLutka Metallic Eye-Makeup by Izzie Button
*Head Applier: *League* Lelutka Head Applier Luna -Sunkiss -Set 2 -Freckles by Nena Janus
*Vista Hands Applier: *League* Vista Hand Applier HUD Sunkiss by Nena Janus
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
*Skin Applier: *League* Maitreya Mesh Body Applier – Sunkissed by Nena Janus

*Scene: -NOeditiON- Nursery Room Rare by NOeditiON (gacha prize at MadPea International Food Fair through March 4)
*Baby, book and pose: -NOeditiON- ‘Nursery Room’ FirstReading LB by NOeditiON (gacha prize at MadPea International Food Fair through March 4)