Embracing Her Shadow

We all have one – a darker side. A side we try to avoid. It’s borne of fear and perhaps, shame. The side we keep hidden.

At some point in our journey to self-awareness, we must embrace the shadow. To discover those hidden elements of our lives that so often control our thoughts and actions. But the difficulty lies in deciding what is the shadow and what is our self.

Sometimes it takes reflection. And sometimes in the dark of the night, the moonlight shines through and reflects back on us, allowing us a glimpse of what is buried inside.

1 Shadow or herself

In that moment, we can embrace our shadow and allow it freedom – to let us learn and grow.

I’ve decided this will be my entry for this week’s Single Frame Stories post on “Self.”

The Self We See

How do we define ourselves? Is it by our jobs, our affiliations, our family? Or is it something we see when we look in the mirror? Or when we look inside ourselves?

This week’s prompt for Single Frame Stories is “Self”. I have decided that this week I’m going to do more than one photo of my interpretation of Self. I don’t think I can truly show myself as I see me with a single picture. So I plan on having more than one entry this week.

This version is the Self I would like to be – elegant, sophisticated, beautiful.

1 Self

No, I would never believe this to be how I truly define myself. But it’s a version I can aspire to become. And dream of being when I drift off to sleep, a small sigh escaping my perfectly curved lips.

Single Frame Stories: Reaction – Probably A Common One

Yes, it’s that time. Time to be frustrated. Time to be impatient. Time to pull out the hair we can’t replace because we can’t get to the Truth Hair Sale!

Yes, I know it’s a virtue. Yes, I know I need to work on it. But right now, my patience is shot!

1 Reaction_028PSJA

Since I can’t get to Truth to spend my money, I might as well spend my time telling you what I’m wearing (including items from a couple of sales events I could get into):

Skirt: elymode: Loose Change skirt – wheat (available at My Attic)
Top: elymode: Loose Change Bandeau (regular) – wheat 1 (available at My Attic)
Hair: Magika [Hair M] Tomorrow (No, not Truth hair, because I can’t get there!)
Necklace: EarthStones Crystal Charm Necklace – Creativity
Skin: [:T:] Helena / powder (red) :: 09
Lips: [:T:] Helena / powder :: Lips :: Sheer Sugar Pink (gloss)

Pose by !bang – mini series Taurus (available at Zodiac)