The Garden of Nowhere

I gave this post this title because so many of the scenes you see in my photos no longer exist. It is wonderful being able to create a setting on a whim, inventory and prim allowance withstanding. While the vast majority of the items I use still lay languishing in the depths of inventory, they may never again see the light of day, or they may be brought out, dusted off and used another day.

I have a home in Second Life. I spent about two months working on the current version, getting it just right. But I rarely ever go there. Instead, I tend to hang out on a bare platform until a new bauble or structure or plant inspires me to bring a scene to life. Unlike a lot of bloggers, my workspace is uncluttered. Once the credits have been captured, the items disappear, one by one, until I am back on my simple prim platform once again.

One designer whose work who frequents my posts – and also my permanent home – is [ keke ]. Delicate, detailed and delightful are the first words that come to my mind when I think of Kean Kelly’s creations. I am sure (if you look closely at the photo) you will recognise the butterflies, which have flittered their way through several of my recent posts. She has just released the lovely allium flowers for the July round of Collabor88 and in her mainstore, you can find the lovely garden gate and fence. If you were a subscriber of Deco(c)rate a couple of months ago when she contributed the Neverland Gate, you can now pick up the add-ons at the mainstore, as well. As ever, they are a lovely example of her talent and craft.

Close your eyes, imagine you can hear the breeze as it plays through the grass, feel the flutter of the butterfly’s wings against your cheek and feel the warmth of the late afternoon sun. It is all there, in the Garden of Nowhere. But do hurry; it will disappear before the sunset fades to grey.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*Gate and fence: [ keke ] garden gate & fence set . gold by Kean Kelly (new release at the main store)
*Allium plants: [ keke ] wild allium (blush, purpur and white) by Kean Kelly available at Collabor88 July 2017)
*Gate and fence: [ keke ] butterflies dancing – blue by Kean Kelly (available at the main store)
Garden by anc slight wildgrass {flash green} by aki69
[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush by Wendy Xeno
*alirium* ItchyGrass [Brown] by Alir Flow
KIDD GRASS*Wild Bush*Colza by doP Kidd
Mesh Plants – Full Perm Ruins Wall Pack by Reid Parkin
*The Little Branch LB_BloomingTree{Lavender} by Cari McKeenan
The Little Branch LB_AppleTree*Dark{With Apples Menu} by Cari McKeenan

The White Greenhouse

This will be very quick so I can post before I head off to work. Even though this is a short week for me, it is already feeling as if I have worked a full one.

I would much prefer to be relaxing here in the white greenhouse, surrounded by many beautiful things. The scene was created by my sister, CrankyGit, and will soon be transported to her sim, Frayed Sanity. It may already be there; I shot this on the weekend and haven’t been in world to see her progress.

Whether it has made it to the public domain or not, do stop by. It is a very serene and peaceful sim; a departure from her usual style, yet with her own tasteful yet quirky stamp on it. The white greenhouse is a recolour of the fabulous old garden greenhouse from [ keke ] in the March round of Deco(c)rate. I think I love it more than the original.

I’ll keep it in mind while I make my commute this morning and trudge through my workday.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
Dress: Decoy – Delilah Dress: Mint (Floral) (Maitreya) by Annette Voight (available at Collabor88 April 2017)
Jacket: Decoy – Maria Cropped Blazer: Mint (Maitreya) by Annette Voight (available at Collabor88 April 2017)
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Dichondra by QUEENshop (from Luxe Box April 2017)
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Elusory by Silent Acoustic (from Luxe Box April 2017)
*Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 by Catwa Clip
Mesh body, hands and feet: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh head applier: *Birth* 3rd Gen ‘Freya’ Catwa (Catya_bento) Applier – 03. Tone by Silent Alchemi
*Mesh body applier: *Birth* 3rd Gen Maitreya Body Skin Applier – 03. Tone v1.0 by Silent Alchemi
*Freckles: .::Nanika::. KIRA Freckles by sDEVAs

*[ keke ] old garden greenhouse . white by Kean Kelly
{anc} broken chair / white by aki69
Loads of other stuff from [ keke ], {anc}, Seven Emporium, Apple Fall and ::frog’s garden::

Location: Coming to Frayed Sanity
*I originally included the wrong SLurl to Frayed Sanity. I have corrected it now. Sorry!

A Gathering


Happy Boxing Day to those of you on my side of the world and Merry Christmas to those of you a day behind. Mine was a quiet day, but I remember those holidays when my extended family gathered together to celebrate. They are precious memories, precious times.

To brighten your day even more, you can’t go wrong with these new items from [ keke ]. The Glass Hearts are available at The Forest and are exquisite. You may be familiar with The Forest as the event where you pay a group fee and simply collect all of the items set out by the creators. However, you can now forego the group payment and simply purchase the items singly. Of course it is more expensive per item, but if you just want one or two (and you do want these hearts!), then that is now an option. That is a great gift!

The other new release is the standing bulb lights, available at Uber. There are three colours to choose from and each colour pack comes in three colours. Light up your life with these clever lamps.

Enjoy your day, whether you spend it alone or in a gathering of friends and loved ones.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*From [ keke ] by Kean Kelly for The Forest December 21 – January 5
[ keke ] glass hearts – rose
[ keke ] glass hearts – gold
[ keke ] glass hearts – snow

*From [ keke ] by Kean Kelly for Uber, December 25 – January 23
[ keke ] standing bulb lamp white – maxi
[ keke ] standing bulb lamp white – midi
[ keke ] standing bulb lamp copper – maxi
[ keke ] standing bulb lamp copper – midi
[ keke ] standing bulb lamp black – mini

{anc} mist cloud [Heavenlyblue] by aki69
{anc} {anc} Confetti. float [gold] by aki69
{anc} {anc} {anc} miniature/H. swan {cloud} by aki69 (gacha prize)
[PM]Pixel Mode – Snow Forms by Tya Fallingbridge