Diamonds Are Nice And So Are Pearls…

Diamonds are nice and so are pearls, but theres nothing like us pretty girls.

This is a quote from an unknown author, but it describes Pearl Grey completely.

Pearl saw my blog and contacted me about a week ago about doing a photo shoot for her. She is a photographer’s dream, from start to finish. She knew exactly what she wanted in terms of what package she wanted, the photo sizes, the type of background and what she would be wearing for each photo set. She even sent me a link to her Flickr page so I could see the outfits in advance!

But it wasn’t just Pearl’s organisation that impressed me. From the moment I first saw her avatar, I was in love with the possibilities. Every pose I used, camera angle, lighting choice, worked. I just kept shooting and shooting, and honestly, I could have processed at least 80% of them – an unprecedented strike rate for me. And I may go back later to do some more when I’m in the mood to experiment. This is the first time I’ve ever done a photo shoot and been happy with every single picture I processed. I’m marking this on my calendar!

I do have to give some credit to the new photography tool I purchased – the LUMIPro Hud. Yeah, it’s expensive, but oh, so worth it! For the first time, I was able to control additional lighting, posing, positioning and eye movement with a few clicks on the HUD. It saved me having to switch out pose stands, wait for her eyes to be in the right position before snapping a shot and allowed me to utilise Windlight settings I hadn’t been able to use before by adjusting the lighting. If you’re serious about portrait photography in Second Life, I cannot recommend this product more highly!

But enough about my new toy…this blog is supposed to be all about Pearl!

Pearl does role play in Second Life and she wanted her Picks photos to reflect these characters. This is a shot of her cyber-grunge character:

1 Pearl_005 pk

For her Victorian role play, Pearl requested an antique photo in sepia or black & white.

1 Pearl_109 pk

And for her profile picture, she wanted a photo of “now”.

1 Pearl_178 pf

While these are the photos that Pearl chose for her profile, I wanted to share some of the other shots. Instead of making this a mile-long blog post, I’m just going to include a collage of some of my (other) favourites of Pearl.

1 Pearl Grey Collage

2 thoughts on “Diamonds Are Nice And So Are Pearls…

    • peepsideshow April 21, 2013 / 2:57 am

      Aww Pearl thank you! Lol I still work on a messy sky platform for my shoots ( for privacy reasons) but I’m thrilled to have a separate place to work now! You were an absolute joy to work with and I am so happy you liked the results 🙂 And Pearl is absolutely gorgeous!

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