An Old Fave Revisited

1 TDR Fusion July_007

I remember a couple of years ago (maybe longer!) when The Dressing Room was one of the few regular fashion events in Second Life. Maybe it wasn’t; but it was one of the first I became aware of when I started paying attention to some of the best designers in SL. Kunglers and [glow] Studios are two that I recall always wanting to check out. And then came TDR Blue, so you only had to wait two weeks for a new round, with a different set of designers to appear with prices from 40-70L! I recall the huge crowds on opening day of a new collection, being bumped and jostled if you were able to move at all, waiting patiently for the vendors to rez.

After a while, TDR kind of lost its lustre for me. Maybe it was the appearance of so many more scheduled sales events, or maybe I just outgrew the styles, but I drifted away. I did stay in the subscriber (being lazy about returning to a store I no longer have interest in to remove myself from the mailing list), and I saw the announcement that TDR and TDR Blue would be closing and would be reopening as one event – The Dressing Room Fusion. I have found myself sneaking back over occasionally to check it out. While there are many of the old regulars, there are some newer stores represented at this event. Baiastice and Kunglers are pretty close to insta-buys for me, but I also am quite fond of Toki-Doki and Drift. I don’t purchase the items at TDR Fusion automatically, but those are the four designers I always check out.

The top and pants in my photo above are from the latest round of TDR Fusion. The top comes from Toki-Doki and the pants from a store that is new to me, Overhigh. I loved the textures on these pants, but please make sure you try a demo before you buy – they run a bit large, so if you normally wear an XS or XXS, make sure they don’t slip over your hipbones when you put them on! They also don’t bend well at the knees, so I had to be selective with my pose. I didn’t notice this when trying the demo, but it was apparent the moment I selected a kneeling pose. I also love the textures of the top, but the bust seems to be a bit “thick” – maybe it’s just a bit of extra padding for those of us who don’t sport Lola’s? 😉 Oh, and the adorable bow choker I’m wearing is from *Boom*.

There was just enough wrong with these items that, had they been full-priced, I probably would have passed them up. But at 70L each, I took a punt. These won’t make it into my favourites folder, but they certainly gave me a cute outfit, worthy of showing off to Mr & Mrs P showing off in the background.

I’d also like to say that I am going to start posting the credits of the items I use in my blog. While this is a fashion post, that is not the focus of my blog. However, I do think that it is only fair to give credit to the designers – whether fashion, poses or home items. I don’t receive review copies of anything – I’ve personally selected and bought (or hunted for) every item you have seen me wear or displayed in and around my home. If you like what you see, then just check the list that will now be appearing at the bottom of each post so you can go grab your very own! I may even remember to grab the slurls so you can take a limo direct from my blog…but hey, baby steps, ok?

Pretty stuff I’m wearing:

Pants: Overhigh – Suede Pants – Crem (TDR Fusion)
Top: (TokiD) Quinn bralet_ S (swan) (TDR Fusion)
Choker: *BOOM* Precious Bow Choker pitch (TDR Fusion)
Boots: Maitreya August Ankle Boots * Dark Grey (Maitreya – sale is still going on as this is posted)
Hair: .ploom. Raichu (large) – Reds (Hair Fair 2013)
Skin: Glam Affair – Lilith – Jamaica 01 Red HB (Glam Affair Skin Sale)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Glam Affair – Slink Hands Skin Appliers ( Jamaica)

Pose: SSP – BJB1F

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