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I Should Have Skipped Straight To The Manicure

1 Man cave_019J

This really can’t be THAT hard…all I need to do is pull this thingamabobby off, put the new one in its place and reconnect that doowhicky right there. Without breaking a nail! This is gonna be a snap! Now where is that spanner?

1 Man cave_015J

Sighs…four hours, three broken nails and about 264,329 swear words later, what WAS I thinking??? I don’t think the car will even be able to make left turns now 😦 I don’t drink beer and that hand cleaner is NEVER going to get all the gunk out from under my remaining seven fingernails. And I’m all out of bacon! What am I going to tell him? That I was trying to do him a favour and kind of made matters worse? What can I do to distract him so he doesn’t realise I kind of made things worse? AND invaded the Man Cave??

1 Man cave_029J

Yes! Sexy pose on the bonnet of the car! Maybe this will keep his mind off of the pile of spare parts I’ve swept under the back tires…

At least until he tries to work on the beast himself. But by then, I’ll have had time to escape for a much needed manicure and massage. With my status set to “Unavailable”, of course 😉

(Kinda) pretty stuff I’m wearing:

Coveralls: 19MOTORCYCLE – 19 Coverall Org (Plain) by PaintO Jie
Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boot by Gospel Voom
Necklace: [19MC] Wrench Necklace 2.02 Ladies by PaintO Jie (free)
Hair: *ARGRACE* Baseball cap2/Grace – Red by rika Oyen
Skin: [PXL] Creations [PXL] JADE SK WineLight Lips MEB C2 by Hart
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
Hand Appliers: [ PXL ] Creations [ PXL ] Slink Hands Appliers SK
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes (Glacial River, w3) by Arkesh Baral

First picture: ~*Pulling Strings*~ Mechanic – Tinker poseball by Elle Kirshner
Second and third poses by the stool and car

11 thoughts on “I Should Have Skipped Straight To The Manicure

  1. Gawd Peeps, that’s what I thought you were, a fashion blogger?? All the pretty stuff you’ve been showing us… just saying! 😛

    1. lol well, I kinda love shopping, but I have never wanted to be JUST a fashion blogger. There are so many more who blog only fashion that are WAY better at it than I ever could be. What started as a blog for my photo studio has turned into a glimpse of my Second Life. So yeah, pretty stuff is gonna creep in a LOT!

      (btw, when I say “just a fashion blogger” I don’t mean to sound like it’s not a lot of hard work to be one. I know how hard it is, especially if you want to be a good one. What I meant was I don’t want that to be the main focus of my blog) 🙂

      1. I know exactly what you mean. I felt that I was becoming one, so I toned my blogging down quite a bit focusing more on improving my picture taking.

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