KittyCatS In Blue – A Promise

1 KIttyCatS Winterland_018

A couple of days ago I posted some photos from the KittyCatS Winterland sim and I promised I would post more photos of this lovely winter locale. I also kinda promised a couple of weeks ago that I would get off my winter blue kick – but I just couldn’t help myself. To me, winter landscapes just lend themselves to the blue hues that represent the coldness of the season.

1 KIttyCatS Winterland_010

I also played around with some lighting filters in Photoshop for these photos. I hadn’t used these before so I’m not really sure if I’m happy with my final product. But with the shortened days, winter also lends itself to the night and I loved the blue glow given to the Crystal Palace in the background of this photo. Besides, it’s my blog; I have always subjected you to my experimentation 😉

1 KIttyCatS Winterland_016

Despite the darkness and the cool tones cast by the Windlight settings and processing I chose, the playfulness and whimsy of this sim is what drew me during my visit. I couldn’t help but smile as I came upon each little vignette so lovingly displayed here. From KittyCatS of every size and colour to the deer and weasels happily playing near the miniature Santa’s sleigh, this is a feast for your senses. Go. Wander around and experience the awe you once held as a child.

You’ll love it – and that’s a promise.

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