The Challenge

Floating On A Cloud

1 Sway's Cloud Nine Heaven 1

Sway Dench calls this creation “Cloud 9.” I call it a great way to kill an afternoon. Floating around on a puffy, white, star-studded cloud while contemplating all of the things that I should be doing…but I’m not.

This is Sway’s first offering for The Challenge. There is another version available, starring hearts. I also noticed that she has coordinating shelves for Fifty Linden Friday. That is why I am interrupting my musing – to give you at least a chance to grab the matching accessories at a bargain.

I’m not going to bother with credits for my outfit; they’re exactly the same as my previous post. See? I was enjoying my cumulus reverie so much I couldn’t even be bothered to change 😉

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

*Sofa & pouf: Sway’s [cloud 9] Sofa & Pouf – Star by Sway Dench (for The Challenge)

Pose by the sofa

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