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A Is For Asteria Creations

1 A is for Asteria Creations

Vanessa Blaylock (having lost a couple of e’s from her name) is at it again. She has come up with a great daily challenge for bloggers! Starting on April 1, we are to share an item from our inventory daily…alphabetically. Since we are dealing with the English alphabet that means this is a 26-day challenge. I have no doubt I can complete this one without having to buy a single item. In fact, I’m going to try to make that my personal goal. I’m not saying I won’t buy anything during the next 26 days (heaven forbid!). I just won’t buy anything specifically for this challenge.

You can read more in detail about the challenge over at I am both daunted and excited about this challenge. It means I must plan ahead and make sure I blog daily. In fact, I went ahead and shot the photo for my “B” post right after my “A” so I have one in hand.

But for today, it’s all about “A” and that stands for Asteria Creations. I picked up this jumpsuit at Limited Bazaar on Sunday, so it qualifies as not being purchased just for this challenge. The fact that it was sitting in my “Recent” tab just made it easier for me to find 😉 And I guess this can be a double A day – my hair is from Analog Dog!

Join in, if you would like. Or just follow along with me as I learn my A-B-C’s.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

Jumpsuit: Asteria Creations – Fabian Mesh Jumpsuit – Salvia by katherine Asteria (available at Limited Bazaar)
Necklace: Pure Poison – PP- Red & Gold Wilda Necklace by Shaleene Kenin
Earrings: [MANDALA] Osenbei earrings/Gold by Kikunosuke Eel
Shoes: Slink Siren Stilettos Gold by Siddean Munro (for Slink High Feet)
Hair: Analog Dog – AD – tootsie – dark reds by Queue Marlowe (NEW!)
Skin: [PXL] Creations [PXL] JADE NAT Terre MEB C2 by Hart Larsson
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) High by Siddean Munro
Hand & Feet appliers:[PXL] Creations – [ PXL ] Slink Hand & Feet Appliers NAT by Hart Larsson
Eyes: Amacci Gaze Eyes – Ocean Blue by Carina Larsen
Lashes: Mon Cheri *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Oliveri

Pose: Diesel Works Clover9 by Rogan Diesel

16 thoughts on “A Is For Asteria Creations

  1. I will just follow you Peep. And agree, very interesting challenge, if not daunting. No way would I have enough items.
    There was a similar challenge on the net a few years ago…the photographer had ONE dress and took photo every day, with different accessories/looks. I could hardly wait to see what she had done each day.

  2. I looked at that challenge, what a cool thing she did! I may book mark it. and your post is awesome too Ms Awesomely, Angular, adorably, affectionate, artistic APeep! ❤ *Goes back to think up adjectives for B*

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