If You’ve Got To Go, Go In Style

1 If You've Gotta Go, Go In Style

I guess it’s not a common topic in polite society, but everybody has to pee. Or, um…do that other thing. It’s just nature taking its course, of course. Yet using the facilities is one topic I never thought I would be tackling on my blog. But, here I go…

The theme for this round of The Challenge is “Castaway.” There are tons of lovely driftwood, beachy and deserted isle inspired offerings, but I have to take my hat off to Heavenly Villa of shutter field. In addition to a castaway bed and lantern she has created this clever outdoor toilet set. Comprised of a sand-filled tub, a log enclosure complete with “Occupied” sign and toilet rolls plus an extra accessories set (which includes the mandatory “vacant” sign), it is as delightful and imaginative as it is well-made. The textures are impeccable and the animations are adorable. To satisfy both camps of ladies in public toilet usage, there is a choice between perching on the edge and hovering above the sand. Of course, there is another animation for men. Best of all, it has a “covering” action that made my cat huff away in envy. I honestly laughed out loud when taking it for a test run.

I teamed it with my latest favourite decor item, the Twinkling Lights Logs from [ keke ]. Even for such a basic function, a lady must be privy to elegance.

If you’ve got to go, you should always be able to go in style.

The Challenge runs all through July and you can pick up any of the products at the designers’ main stores. The Castaway Outhouse Set and Castaway Bed & Lantern are on sale at a 30% discount for the duration of the round at the shutter field store.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

*Toilet: shutter field [sf] castaway toilet by Heavenly Villa (available for The Challenge July)
*Enclosure: shutter field [sf] castaway outhouse by Heavenly Villa (challenge)
*Accessories: shutter field [sf] castaway outhouse stuff by Heavenly Villa (challenge)
Lights: [ keke ] twinkling lights log – snow wood by Kean Kelly
Grass: Zigana leaf .firefly by Nalena Fairey

5 thoughts on “If You’ve Got To Go, Go In Style

  1. caoimhelionheart July 2, 2015 / 8:54 pm

    Well hmmm. I’be never taken a, crap, in SL, oh that’s right, i’m a fabulous super model, I don’t eat! 😉 oh! However I AM a potty girl liven in a potty world! 😛 ♡

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