Looks Like I’m Dining Alone

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Yep. I’ve just got that feeling. The house is clean, the table is set, I’m dressed to perfection, yet those shadows are getting longer by the moment and I’m hearing crickets instead of the sound of a car door closing and footsteps making their way to the door. Dinner may not be burning in the oven, but you can be sure my temperature is rising by the moment.

The dining set – table, chairs and place settings – are new from [ keke ] for this month’s round of MIX. You can choose between an intimate table for four (which works for two) or a bigger version for eight, if you’re throwing a full-on dinner party. There are two colours to choose from. And the place settings come in three different colours – light, dark and rose-gold, so there is a style for every taste. They are beautifully made, as are all things [ keke ].

Don’t look past my ensemble while we are discussing taste. The skirt and top from Apple May Designs can be found at the Sad November event. Sweet, feminine and sexy, these separates can be dressed up or down – a combination better than a little black dress!

I have to also take the time to talk about my lighting and pose system. If you’ve read my blog even a time or two, you know I am a huge LUMIPro fan. I am so excited that Stefan is working on a new update and it is now in the Beta testing phase. Sammie dropped the latest version on me as I was setting up for this photo, so I got a chance to play with it. There are some exciting new features in this release, mainly concerning presets.

Why is this a big deal? Well, if you do a lot of photography, you will probably understand the pain of getting your camera angle just right, then noticing that the basket of flowers on top of the bench is hovering, attempting to adjust it and having your camera slide right out of position. Or working diligently setting your light levels just so, then experiencing that world-shattering notification that the region is about to be restarted. Or thinking you might like to try a different pose, then realising the one you tried three (or was it eight?) back was even better, but can’t quite recall which one it was?

With the newest version of LUMIPro, you can save all of these variables, either separately or together! Although I was trying this out before the LUMIPro Beta video tutorial was out, I had one of those “A-ha!” moments, realising that another piece of my quest to creating better photographs had fallen softly but solidly into place. You see, I am addicted to lighting and camera angle changes. But often, I decide I liked something that I had tried previously better than what I may have moved on to. This little trick, with just a couple of clicks of my mouse, will allow me to change back to a previous setting, without having to go through the pain of trying to remember which settings I had used.

Life is good…even if it seems I’ll be dining alone.

If you are a current LUMIPro user, you can look forward to receiving the updated version of LUMIPro when Beta testing is over and the changes are incorporated. You can also apply to become a Beta tester by clicking here. If you haven’t yet purchased the LUMIPro system (what? You haven’t??? WHY NOT???), you will still receive the updated version when it is released, just as you will always receive updated versions. Stefan is just good that way 🙂

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

*Top: Apple May Designs Simple Sleeves (Maitreya Beta) – White by Apple May (available at Sad November through Nov. 21, 2015)
*Skirt: Apple May Designs Laced Mini’s (Maitreya Beta) – Pink by Apple May (available at Sad November through Nov. 21, 2015)
*Shoes: Essenz – Murcia (Maitreya) by Senzati0n Domenitzo
Hair: *ARGRACE* MOMIJI – Cherry [typeA / S] by rika Oyen
Skin: -Glam Affair – Caroline America – Clean D with Eyemakeup 08 and Lipstick 01 by aida Ewing (available at Uber Oct. 25 – Nov. 23)
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Midnight in Paris – by Julie Hastings
Body and hands: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes – Tropical by Ikon Innovia
Lashes: Mon Cheri *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Oliveri

*Table: [ keke ] long nights dining table – dark – 4prs by Kean Kelly (available at the mainstore for MIX Nov. 2015)
*Chairs: [ keke ] gustavian dining chair – dark by Kean Kelly (available at the mainstore for MIX Nov. 2015)
*Tableware: [ keke ] tableware – rosegold by Kean Kelly (available at the mainstore for MIX Nov. 2015)
*Glasses: [ keke ] glass of tea – white by Kean Kelly
Flowers: Apple Fall AF Calla Lilies by Warehousefifteendesigns
Fireplace: Apple Fall AF Stature Fireplace RARE by Warehousefifteendesigns
Photos frames: [ keke ] glitter frames by Kean Kelly
Clock/books: Apple Fall AF Carriage Clock by Warehousefifteendesigns
Hanging basket: dust bunny . hanging flower pot . blue by Xlnoel
Rug: Apple Fall Patchwork Rug by Warehousefifteendesigns
Small table: dust bunny . rose table . white by Xlnoel
Beverage tray: Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial by Warehousefifteendesigns
Shelf: Apple Fall Book Shelf by Warehousefifteendesigns
Milk jug: [ keke ] milk jug flowers – white by Kean Kelly
Bench: Apple Fall Neva’s Sideboard by Warehousefifteendesigns
Roses: Apple Fall Roses Box (Pink) by Warehousefifteendesigns
Book stack: Apple Fall Design Books by Warehousefifteendesigns
Build: *Funky*Junk* Imbrie Guesthouse by Ulaa Coronet

Pose: Del May DM – Weary listener by Del May

Photo taken with LUMIPro 2016 Beta1 by Stefan Buscaylet

4 thoughts on “Looks Like I’m Dining Alone

  1. themaravillas November 8, 2015 / 8:08 am

    ahh.. could have invited me over for dinner. 🙂 I can’t wait to get the update.

  2. chericolette November 8, 2015 / 1:00 pm

    I dont need dinner…… but I must say, love your shoes.

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