Secrets, Dreams, Memories, Hope.

1 A Very keke Corner sm

When I was an adolescent, my aunt nicknamed me “Grace.” Not because of my poise and elegance; it was what she called “an ironic nickname.” While I hadn’t been an overly clumsy child, something seemed to be triggered in puberty, turning me into the kid who walked into doors, slipped on the ice and slid underneath the school bus and fell up stairs. While I dreamed of being a gymnast, I was lucky to get out of my teens with only a few sprains and no broken bones.

Unfortunately, I didn’t grow out of my awkwardness as I reached my twenties. I was dubbed by an ex as “the only person who could fall down on dry concrete.” I began taking more care, paying more attention and eventually my spills and crashes began to lessen. I’m no ballerina, but I can now traverse a parking lot without tripping over the marking lines.

The moniker bestowed upon me by my aunt may seem a bit cruel. However, she used the nickname lovingly; she was, in fact, my favourite aunt. She discouraged me from doing too many cartwheels and instead, fed my love of books. She was a teacher with a wicked sense of humour and a passion for learning. She taught me that the best way to overcome a shortcoming was to face it head on and accept it, then turn it to my advantage. My lack of grace – and willingness to laugh at it – allowed me to accept who I was and focus on the things at which I excelled. I was an honour student, a leading lady in school and community plays, and the person who would always be the first to laugh. I embraced who I really was, replacing my hopes and dreams of becoming the next Nadia Comaneci with just becoming the best person I could be.

The tin box side table from [ keke ] that is the centrepiece of my photo was the catalyst for this little story. You are probably aware I am the biggest [ keke ] fan on the grid, but this newest release ranks right up with my favourites. It is, like all things Kean Kelly creates, delicate, detailed and lovingly crafted. From the subtle shading of the textures to her choice of font for the words, it is everything I love. Most of all, when a virtual object can prompt visceral memories, the creator has done her job.

You can find this little box of perfection at the [ keke ] mainstore. You will only need to provide the secrets, dreams, memories and hope.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

From [ keke ] by Kean Kelly

*[ keke ] tin box side table – bright (new release at Main Store)
[ keke ] glitter frames
[ keke ] water mister – floral
[ keke ] spring candle tin – brass 1
[ keke ] spring candle tin – floral 1
*[ keke ] skull keys
*[ keke ] winter flowers – small branch (available at The Seasons Story Winter – January 2016)
*[ keke ] winter flowers – large branch (available at The Seasons Story Winter – January 2016)
*[ keke ] winter flower ring (available at The Seasons Story Winter – January 2016)
*[ keke ] winter flower ground (available at The Seasons Story Winter – January 2016)
*[ keke ] tea lights – big random
*[ keke ] shimmer stars in a dish
*[ keke ] hogweed in vase
*[ keke ] winter metal box dusk
[ keke ] milk jug flowers – white
[ keke ] star cluster
[ keke ] twinkle pendel dark – mini
*[ keke ] shimmer dust

Build: Scarlet Creative Anya House by Scarlett Bartlett (available at Collabor88 January 2016)

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