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1 Baywatch sm

If you were expecting red French-cut bathing suits and David Hasselhoff abs, you shall be sorely disappointed. If you were expecting tasteful yet whimsical beach accessories from [ keke ], then you will be pleasantly pleased.

These beautifully made items are just a small part of the collection from Kean Kelly for the June round of The Arcade. In case you’ve been living in a virtual cave, the quarterly gacha-fest begins on June 1st, and runs for the entire month.

Don’t even think about checking Netflix to see if a Baywatch marathon is running. Unless you’re watching while you’re waiting to TP into The Arcade to play for this lovely collection.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

*From [ keke ] by Kean Kelly for The Arcade June 2016
[ keke ] shells flat
[ keke ] shells turned
[ keke ] star fish
[ keke ] message in a bottle
[ keke ] beach sign

Seagull: *Tatty Soup* Seagull. by Tab Tatham (no longer available)
Driftwood: Studio Skye Driftwood Collection by Alex Bader
Beach/waves: Studio Skye Beach Building Set by Alex Bader

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