Two-Stop Spring Shopping


If you are ready to refresh your Second Life landscaping with lovely spring decor, there is no need to go event-hopping or even shop-hopping. Most of what you need can be found in two places. How easy is that?

{what next} is participating in Fifty Linden Friday with these gorgeous tulip planters in a multitude of colours. The planters themselves are texture-change so you can find the right style to suit yourself. Because they are copy/modify, I was able to edit the planters, make the bases transparent and plant a few in the ground. It is a great way to add bursts of colour to blank spots in your garden. All of the other items from {what next} in the photo are available at the main store, too. One stop; many goodies!

In addition to the planters, there are some pretty tulip bouquets to grace your Second Life home interior. These, too, are available at the FLF price of, yes, 50L!

After your quick visit to {what next}, head over to the [ keke ] main store for some new and older gems. The simple garden divider and very versatile old stonesteps are new releases, while the flower circles, little tree and glass hearts are a bit older. Older, however, does not mean tired or irrelevant; it means classic and timeless, as so many of [ keke ]’s pieces are.

After this very simple shopping trip, you should have plenty of energy left to make a start on your springtime garden. I can even guarantee no blisters or dirty knees after planting 🙂

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
From {what next} by Winter Thorn:
*{what next} ‘Spring Bloom’ Tulip Planters for Fifty Linden Friday March 3, 2017 (planter bases edited for tulips in ground)
*{what next} Marlow Planter 1
*{what next} Amberley Floor Lantern (pink candle)
*{what next} Spring Garden Bike (decor) – gacha prize

*From [ keke ] by Kean Kelly:
*[ keke ] old stonesteps (new release at main store)
*[ keke ] simple garden divider . green (new release at main store)
*[ keke ] little tree – summer
*[ keke ] glass hearts – gold
*[ keke ] glass hearts – pink
*[ keke ] flower circle – 1 LI yellow
*[ keke ] flower circle – 1 LI red
*[ keke ] flower circle – 1 LI white

*alirium* ItchyGrass [DarkGreen] by Alir Flow
Studio Skye Enchanted Woods v2 by Alex Bader

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