Another World, Some Other Time

1 A Better Day

Love Walks In
– Van Halen

Contact is all it takes
To change your life to lose your place in time
Contact! Asleep or awake
Coming around you may wake up to find
Questions deep within your eyes,
Things you’ve never realized

So when you sense a change
Nothing feels the same
All your dreams are strange, love comes walkin’ in
Some kind of alien
Wait for the opening
Then simply pulls a string
Another world, some other time
You lay your sanity on the line
Familiar faces familiar sights
Reach back remember with all your might
Ohh there she stands in a silken gown
Silver lights shining down

Love comes walkin’ in

Sleep and dream is all I crave
I travel far across the Milky Way
To my master I become a slave
Til we meet again some other day
Where silence speaks as loud as war
And the earth returns to what it was before

Love comes walkin’ in

Music says things our hearts can only feel.

In The Comfort Of My Own Skin

1 Peacock Point_003

Sometimes it’s easy to simply disappear into my own thoughts. To close out the rest of the world, forgetting about anything other than my own concerns. It’s a form of therapy – a way of dealing with whatever may be worrying me, whether large or small.

On days when the weather is damp and grey, my bones are weary and aching and my mood matches the leaden skies, I curl up inside my mind…imagining a place where the shining stars and full moon bathe me in a glow that warms me as no blanket or fireplace can.

And I close my eyes and bask in the comfort of my own skin.

About That Wiener…

1 Why I Had The Wiener

I was asked if it measured up. Let’s just say it was more than a mouthful!

1 Why I Had The Wiener 2

I had a lot of fun with this pose set from Sparrowtree Studios Designs. It includes the grill with three poses (plus /1a adjust – yay!), the mesh apron for ladies or a tee shirt for men, the spatula and of course…the wiener!

Now if you will excuse me…I have a date with a sausage I need to get ready for 😉