On To New Challenges

1 ABC 30

And so it goes. Thirty days, 35 posts and a sense of completion. And a bit of sadness that we have come to the end of the iRez Avatar Blogger Challenge.

I admit to feeling a bit of trepidation when I began the iRez 30 Posts In 30 Days challenge on June 1. I wondered if I really belonged – I am a “baby blogger,” having started this blog less than six months ago. I’m not on the radar of the big-name designers or movers and shakers in Second Life. I just take pictures, add a few words and slap them on the internet. I have a few loyal followers, to whom I am eternally grateful, but I’m not in the Big Leagues of SL blogging. But I took the plunge alongside some amazing chroniclers of our virtual world. And I’ve discovered some fantastic new blogs and even more amazing people along the way.

I want to thank Strawberry Singh who has been an inspiration to me since before I started blogging myself. It was her post that drew my attention to this challenge, and although I can’t find the original post now, just check out her blog (if you haven’t already). She is not only an incredible photographer, she is amazingly generous in sharing her knowledge and encouraging other bloggers. She’s a peach among berries 😉

And I especially want to thank Vaneeesa Blaylock for putting this challenge together. For setting up the ABC Gym so each blogger had his or her own workout station. For getting us together for photos and giving us space at LEA11 to display our meme photos. And for her inexhaustible energy, wit and insight. She is an artist by profession, but what I recognise most in her is her caring, giving soul. I may never have met her had it not been for this challenge, so for if no other reason than crossing her path, I’m so happy I participated.

Yesterday, Vaneeesa pulled as many participating bloggers together for one final photo shoot. Our formal shot is the one above and includes 11 of the (at least) 29 bloggers who participated in this challenge. It was a tricky shot – group photos are a bitch! – but we all snapped away, memorialising this special group. I’m proud to have been among their numbers.

When we finished, in true Vaneeesa style, on the count of three we all dived into the water. A metaphorical baptism, sending us out into the world as members of the ABC Crossfit Gym, ready to follow our hearts, having learned something from this experience. For each blogger, it will be different lesson. But no doubt, one that will be long remembered.

1 ABC 30 Wet

And now, on to new challenges.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable – Little Wonders

1 Companions

Even in Second Life, creatures form a part of our life. These little wonders become our companions, our friends, our source of laughter and joy.

I snapped this photo about a week ago while I was playing with my Kittycats. I had plopped down on this blanket, ostensibly to read, and the pose with my virtual cats reminded me so much of the behaviour of those in the corporeal world, I laughed out loud. Attention-seeking, wrapping themselves around me, rolling on top of my book to encourage a belly rub…just so much like my “real” little ball of fur that I swear I could feel the tickle of their whiskers and hear the rumble of their purring.

In the background, you can see my attack penguin guarding us. He will follow you around like a little puppy if granted that pleasure, but I still think he’s happiest when he is patrolling, keeping the home front safe from…whatever it is that virtual penguins deem to be a threat.

This was my obvious choice for the Weekly Photo Challenge, Companionable. Please check out the comments of that post for other entries to this week’s challenge.

Another World, Some Other Time

1 A Better Day

Love Walks In
– Van Halen

Contact is all it takes
To change your life to lose your place in time
Contact! Asleep or awake
Coming around you may wake up to find
Questions deep within your eyes,
Things you’ve never realized

So when you sense a change
Nothing feels the same
All your dreams are strange, love comes walkin’ in
Some kind of alien
Wait for the opening
Then simply pulls a string
Another world, some other time
You lay your sanity on the line
Familiar faces familiar sights
Reach back remember with all your might
Ohh there she stands in a silken gown
Silver lights shining down

Love comes walkin’ in

Sleep and dream is all I crave
I travel far across the Milky Way
To my master I become a slave
Til we meet again some other day
Where silence speaks as loud as war
And the earth returns to what it was before

Love comes walkin’ in

Music says things our hearts can only feel.