Eucalyptus, Agave & A Rubber Tree, Please

I love sun rooms. The airy feeling in an enclosed space is a lovely place to just relax with a cup of tea and a good book. Requisite plants give it even more of that outdoor-while-inside feel.

The plants, in this case, are from {what next} for today’s Fifty Linden Friday. These beautifully crafted plants come in either a potted or stand version and all are texture-change for the pots, and I mean, there are TONS of choices. Plain or patterned, the possibilities are endless. You can create your own virtual jungle with these versatile plants. Not shown, but also available, are lovely daffodils bursting from their own planters. Don’t miss out on these bargains for today.

The sun room is compliments of the La Cas Azul house from [Merak] from the last round of Deco(c)rate. It is fun and bohemian with just enough room to be cozy for one or two. And a perfect setting for a eucalyptus, an agave and a rubber tree, if you please.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*Agave, Eucalyptus and Rubber Tree: {what next} ‘House Plants – Set of 3 by Winter Thorn (available for Fifty Linden Fridays March 31) –
Chair, table, books and flowers: ARIA – Palermo Vignette by Yelo Uriza (from Deco(c)rate March 2017)
Rug: Birdy – Spring – Worn Rug by nina Helix (gacha prize)
Daybed: hive // worn garden bench v 1.1 by TheHiveStore
Picture: Serenity Style– The Se7en Frames-Cat in the window by Hanstrid Inshan (gacha prize at The Project Se7en March/April 2017
Drapes: ionic : Translucent curtain [B] by Iakua Arriaga (gacha prize)
Lamp: hive – Rusted Floor Lamp //Light 1 by TheHiveStore
Bookcase: Consignment [Con.] Regal Bookcase – Oak by ValiantCo
Build: [Merak] – La Casa Azul by AnnellyStone (from Deco(c)rate March 2017)

Oh, So Faraway

It may feel like it is faraway, but the March edition of BishBox is just 18 hours away as I write this. Yes, the release time has changed from midnight on the 20th to noon, so more people are awake to get the first look at their goodies. This also means that you have right up until noon exactly to hit the subscription kiosk at BishBox headquarters. Just click on the link above for your ride.

The hair I am wearing from Doe: is from the February round of BishBox, so you’ve got an idea of the talent of creators who fill this subscription box for the crazy girls of Second Life.

The skin I am wearing is a gift from [ESODE] at Skin Fair. As one of the sponsors of the fair, they have five locations around the two sims and you can pick up your copy for free at any of them. Don’t be alarmed that the price says 1L; you won’t be charged!

This is a very lovely pale skin with dramatic eyes and bare lips. It comes with the choice of three brow colours and includes system skins, Catwa appliers, full Omega appliers, plus Maitreya and Slink appliers. There is no group membership required, so anyone can pick up this very generous gift. I am wearing one of the default lipsticks from the Catwa Lona HUD, so no other purchase is necessary to achieve this look. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t splash out at Skin Fair! While it runs until March 26th, that isn’t that much longer and won’t be back for another year.

And that is oh, so faraway.

Pale Girl Productions Logo 1j

Skin Fair Sim 1
Skin Fair Sim 2

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
Top: ::HH:: Hucci Emporia Top by Eboni Khan (available at Mesh Body Addicts through March 31)
Jeans: ::HH:: Hucci Starburst Jeans by Eboni Khan (available at Mesh Body Addicts through March 31)
*Hair: Doe: Thali V2 /unrigged/ – Bishbox Exclusive by Helyanwe Vindaloo (from BishBox February 2017)
Hairbase: .Tableau Vivant \\ Cinderella Catwa HB – Reds by M4ri1yn Magic
*Mesh head applier: [ESODE] Olivia skin S – Catwa Mesh Head Applier by Cleo Twist (available at Skin Fair 2017 March 10-26)
*Mesh body applier: [ESODE] Olivia skin S – Maitreya Mesh Body Lara Appliers by Cleo Twist (available at Skin Fair 2017 March 10-26)
*Mesh head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 by Catwa Clip (available at Skin Fair 2017 March 10-26)
*Eyes:CATWA RIGGED EYES Lona v1.1 by Catwa Clip
*Eye applier: .euphoric ~ Love Eyes Applier [Catwa ]HUD-Blue Pack by demi Placebo (available at Skin Fair 2017)
Mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle
Mesh hands: VISTA PROHANDS FEM V.2FINAL by VistaMesh

Bed/pose: hive // good night bed v 1.1 by TheHiveStore
Photo taken using LUMIPro 2017 by Stefan Buscaylet

Pajamas All Day, Sweet Dreams All Night

Ah, lovely, lazy days where the biggest accomplishment is actually getting out of bed. Snuggly covers, soft pillows and the glow of sunlight peeking through the window; just enough to warm the room, but not enough to cause a painful squint.

The inspiration for this post is the print by {what next}, part of a series available at the March round of Collabor88. There are wall and floor versions of three prints in both mono and pink versions. They are great additions to any cozy bedroom. Or living room. Or anyplace you want to conjure up the feeling of lazy and chill weekends.

All a reminder that pajamas all day lead to sweet dreams all night.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
hive // good night bed v 1.1 by TheHiveStore
hive // Rusted Floor Lamp //Light 1 by TheHiveStore
hive // heart strings hanging ROTATE [narrow] by TheHiveStore
*{what next} Pajamas All Day Floor Print (mono) by Winter Thorn (available at Collabor88 March 2017)
*[ keke ] rug 43 . delicate . lilac by Kean Kelly (available at the main store)
Serenity Style– Bohemian Table by Hanstrid Inshan (from Deco(c)rate March 2017)
Vagabond – Mojave Cacti Pompom Pillows by Shawneese Offcourse (from Deco(c)rate March 2017)
LAGOM – Cryptic rose [Gem a] by ZandraSnowpawSnyder (gacha prize)
NOMAD // Bohemian Delight by Piraiyah Novikov