Just Because It’s Beautiful

1 Boudoir_002 S

Yesterday’s post was, as my dear friend Cao puts it, a high gravity post. Today, I’m sharing a photograph just because it is beautiful.

I took this picture at a sim that I had visited before, but I was there to shop – not appreciate just how lovely it is. So, for once on a visit to Boudoir, I didn’t spend a single Linden. Instead, I just panned my camera around, seeing the sim for its splendour and tranquility.

I shot this photo with Jackson Redstar’s JAXLitePurpleSunset windlight setting. Lately, I have been using very few settings, other than his. If you don’t have them loaded into your viewer, I highly recommend them, not just for landscape photography, but for portraiture as well. He has kindly linked a ZIP file in his blog so you can try them out. Click here to fly over to his post.

Sometimes after a high gravity day the best medicine is just to enjoy something beautiful.