Summertime Madness

1 Overdressed sm

Yep, in just a few short hours it’s that time of the month again – Midnight Madness! As usual, there are two boards with a maximum of 1500 copies to be given away for each round. The first starts at midnight tonight and the second follows at noon tomorrow. Each designer has two different items available, so if you have a chance, make sure you do the rounds twice to get all the goodies.

Of course, I ended up being overdressed for the summer party in my Lana dress from Salt & Pepper, but a few more of these frothy drinks and I won’t care! This short styled dress is the noon prize from S&P, but the actual free gift is the same dress in purple. I’m wearing this lovely peach ombre tone that is available in an optional HUD that gives you four additional choices. A total bargain at 50L! You can grab it at the same time you slap the noon board. The midnight gift is a long version of the same dress in teal and also has an optional HUD for purchase. These dresses are exclusive for the event and will be retired when it finishes, so don’t miss out.

But wait, there’s more!