Garden of Dreams

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It’s no secret, I love decorating. I’m as obsessed with making my home feel comfy and inviting as I am about hair and clothes. I’d almost say I’m as obsessed with furnishings and home decor as I am with shoes.

I repeat, almost 😉 But it’s pretty close.

So it should be no surprise that I was excited when the Second Life Home & Garden Expo opened this weekend. This is an event that benefits Relay For Life, so it’s a great cause. I went last year, and it was so laggy that I could barely move, things took forever to rez, and it was a battle to even stay on the sim long enough to enjoy it. This year, I’m pleased to say, the experience has been much better. Oh, there is still lag and don’t expect instantaneous rezzing, but it’s manageable.

I checked out several of my favourite designers, but to be honest, I’ve been a bit disappointed this year. Don’t get me wrong – the quality is there in heaps. But most of it just isn’t my style.


I was, however, completely entranced by some of the garden displays. I’m going to do a few posts showcasing the areas I found to be inspiring. Today I’m highlighting the gorgeous fenced path and cherry blossom garden by Two Moon Gardens (sim 2). These are available for sale in packs only – but the cherry blossom garden is one of the RFL items, so don’t feel guilty if you splash out for it!

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Oh…I took the first photo at Park Place Home Decor. Now if I only had a husband to give me his credit card! 😉