Petals on the Wind

Another beautiful display at the Second Life Home & Garden Expo is by Petals on the Wind (sim 7). I admit I have never heard of them before, but they have created a lovely “garden of gentle decay” at the Expo. From regular and flowering grasses, trees and decaying logs, plus buildings, I can see this becoming one of my favourite garden shops…if I ever move off the beach. Sigh. After checking out this year’s expo, that may become a reality!

I’ve included a few photos taken in their display forest, using different light settings. Once again, I urge you to wander through the gardens at the Expo using different windlight settings. The light can completely change the mood.

1 H&G Expo 3

1 H&G Expo 4

The Home & Garden Expo closes on June 2, so if you haven’t been yet, don’t dawdle!