Not Shabby At All

1 Not Shabby At All 2 sm

Those of you who know me and my normal style will be shocked to learn that this is not just a set I built for a photo, but my own home. What, you say? That’s right – no retro, shabby chic look this time around, with not a speck of gingham or patchwork to be found. I’ve gone a bit more modern and eclectic, while still comfortable. Even the dog is more angular and sleek instead of fluffy and cute!

I intentionally didn’t allow a peek through the windows; I’m still struggling to let go of my country feel outside 😉

I added a few photos I had on hand to the frames from [ keke ] for Uber…since I could. That’s what they’re for. I’ll be working on shooting photos that fit the new feel of my home, rather than just making photos that I had fit. I plan to change them often; again…that’s what they’re for. They’re versatile and will work in any decor, which I love.

I’m not quite ready to stray too far from a cozy living space, but as an effort to move away from my comfort zone, I don’t think it’s too shabby at all.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

*From [ keke ] by Kean Kelly:

    At Uber through August 23rd
    [ keke ] glass art – grace
    [ keke ] simple texture change frame 1
    [ keke ] simple texture change frame 2
    [ keke ] simple texture change frame 3
    [ keke ] simple texture change frame 4

[ keke ] milk bottle flower
[ keke ] abandoned art – feel – white

From ARIA by Yelo Uriza:
[ARIA] Signe sectional sofa
[ARIA] Nikka coffee table
[ARIA] Rosalind long neck swan
[ARIA] Rosalind bent neck swan
[ARIA] Rosalind two book pile

From The Loft & ARIA
The Loft & ARIA – Troubadour Rug by Yelo Uriza
The Loft & ARIA – Troubadour Geometric Table by Colleen Desmoulins

From ~BAZAR~ by Ria Bazar:
~BAZAR~Cutout chair No.1 (Brown)
~BAZAR~Cutout chair No.1 (Light)
Stockholm-Bedroom Painting 02
Stockholm-Bedroom Lamp

From Soy. by Soyoy:
Soy. Potted Pothos
Soy. Grayish day Wooden frame table (gacha prize)
Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
Soy. Cluttered magazines
Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Light -Half rolled

From .:revival:. by Momentous
.:revival:. leather trunk I
.:revival:. pillow pile

SAYO – Ocean Oasis Gacha – Flamingos by Kaysha Piers (gacha prize)
HIDEKI – Steampunk Binoculars Sculpture by Hideki Carami (gacha prize)
*{what next} Bar Drinks Tray by Winter Thorn
*[Fetch] Gilded Lament – Lamp by DistortedDreams
{anc} flottante puppy. cream by aki69

L2 STUDIO West Lake MINI by Lindini2 Lane