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I made poor Serene pay for perving me while I was doing my last shoot at Furillen; I needed a male model to pose with me in my 70’s gear from Vintage Fair. Since poor Chance is stuck in a modern hipster look, I dragged Serene over to fill in for my sadly neglected MALT. Didn’t he do it admirably????

I have to give him a special thank you for so gallantly coming to my rescue and posing for me with no complaints. I did do him the courtesy of creating the set and even selecting the pose before I hauled him over; otherwise, I fear the Janitor might have been fired for being absent from his job for too long.

I have no credits for Serene’s look. It is his very unique persona, so if you want to know what he is wearing, you’ll have to ask him yourself!

As for me, as always, the credits for every little scrap of my attire, set and pose are on display for you below.

Just two more days until Vintage fair opens; then you can head over to create your very own 70s pic for yourself!

Vintage Fair 2016 Poster
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Pretty stuff I’m showing off:
*Top, pants, necklace and hat: *.:Shake:.* That 70’s Girl Outfit by Elphame Raynier (available at The Vintage Fair beginning June 10, 2016)
Shoes: Elysium – Livia pointed toe by Aleida Rhode (limited edition for June Midnight Madness)
Sunglasses: GizzA – Floral Sunglasses [Black] RARE by Giz Seorn (gacha prize)
Cigarette: ILO Blend Cigarette by ZoZo Raven
Hair: *ARGRACE* TSUBASA – True Red by rika Oyen

*Desk: Kuro – Wavie desk (wood) by Luana Dawg
*Chair: Kuro – Wavie belted chair (Worn) by Luana Dawg
Books & map: Apple Fall Books & Map by Warehousefifteendesigns
Beer cans: Soy. Messy Beer Cans by Soyoy
Build: *ionic* Motel – RARE by Pupito Helstein (gacha prize)

Pose: {.:exposeur:.} Even Though by RubyStarlight Writer