Going To School At Tableau

1 Tableau 2

I really need to just plan a visit to Tableau to shoot photographs. It is one of the few places where the shiny of the setting can distract me from the shiny of the shopping.

On my last excursion to Tableau, as you may recall, I went shopping for shorts at Tres Blah. I honestly thought I bought the black ones, but apparently I didn’t. So back I went to get them. Since I was so smitten by the landscape the last time I thought I would check out the other stores on this trip. I actually went into a few shops but then I walked around a corner and saw the scene in the photo above.

That was it. I was done shopping.

I have been playing around with clouds brushes in Photoshop lately. The clouds in the photos for my blog in my last three posts (where clouds are present) have either been enhanced or created completely using this process. The Windlight setting I chose for this shot actually had a cloudless sky. So these are a new meteorological phenomenon: Peepulus clouds. It has been fun learning this, although it has been entirely trial and error (emphasis on the error!).

Then, because I liked the contrast in the photo, I decided to make a black & white version.

1 Tableau BW

I am also still learning to get the contrast right with black & white photographs to show them off in the best light (pun intended). But what I love most is just the process of learning, and Tableau is a fabulous place to go to school.

I Went Shopping For Shorts

1 Tableau_034

My favourite shorts ever are the Paneled Shorts by Tres Blah. I even blogged about them. I bought a couple of colours when they were out at Collabor88 a few months ago. I had no idea when I went back to purchase another colour (or five) that I would find myself in such a surrealistic wonderland.

The shorts can be found at the Tres Blah store at Tableau. I can only describe this sim as Area 51 meets Haunted Carnival meets Jurassic Park in Tijuana. It is surreal and colourful and you have to see it to believe it. Yes, there are quite a few stores there, but they are all huddled together in a little town, surrounded by a riot of surprises. Tumble weeds roll lazily past only to come to a rest against the leg of a dinosaur. A Fun House clown’s smile is the frame for what appears to be a retirement corral for merry-go-round horses. Unexploded atomic bombs are nestled amid the broken down buildings. The music is a strange combination of elevator music/big band/carnival sounds. You must see it to understand just how eerily beautiful it is.

I’m not going to act as your tour guide, but click past the cut to see a few of the sights.

And to think, all I wanted was to buy a pair of shorts.

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