The Guardian

1 Whispering Windz

I went exploring a bit the other day. I revisited the Second Life Destination Guide and for once, I wasn’t inspired by the featured locations. Instead I dug a bit in the main menu and found Whispering Winds. It is listed under Romantic Spots, but it is just a lovely place to wander around on your own if your significant other isn’t available.

There are three performance locations on the sim, but it was all quiet when I was there. You land in a reception area that is welcoming with its cozy corners and a teleporter to the various points of interest. I found that you don’t TP to all of the spots directly, but with beacons you can easily find the places you want to explore. In the end, I just roamed about on my own.

Sadly, Second Life was misbehaving with rezzing issues and after several reboots and landing in Safe Hubs instead of back on the sim or at home, I gave up on trying to take photos. I am happy that I at least got a shot of the Guardian who watches over and protects the land and sea. He is a wonder to behold and I would recommend not messing with him 😉

I have added Whispering Winds to my list of pretty places to go back to explore when Second Life is being more user-friendly. I hope to bump into you there.