13 O’Clock In The Castle Beyond The Goblin City

1 Wimey Labrynth

The theme for this round of Serafilms is Labyrinth, a movie I have to admit I hadn’t seen. It has been a very popular film amongst the designers, so I grabbed a copy to see what all the fuss was about.

It didn’t excite me as much as the creators, but they have turned out some lovely interpretations and at least I now understand the references. Honestly, I thought Sarah was selfish and deserved what she had to go through. If it wasn’t for the fact she had caused her baby step-brother to be kidnapped and she needed to get him back, I would have left her in the Bog of Eternal Stench.

From Wimey is the unscripted “The Clock Struck 13” timepiece. What I wouldn’t do for that extra hour!

1 Collage Labrynth

And from Collage is “The Maze.” I am showing the example build, but the pack includes various pieces so you can create your own Labyrinth with arches, cornerstones and walls.

Serafilms runs from May 15-30, so you have a bit of time to work your way over there. It is in a different location this month, so make sure you take the SLurl I provided.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

*Clock: Wimey: The Clock Struck 13 by Sash Arabello (for Serafilms May 15-30)
*Labyrinth – Collage – The Maze – Example Build by adelineb (for Serafilms May 15-30)