A Unicorn Followed Me Home…

…and I fell in love ♥

1 A Unicorn Followed Me Home_016

Actually, I found him at a sales event called Introducing Genre, the .la petite mort. unicorn prop. And I knew I had to photograph him.

One of my favourite things to do is to take the same image and apply different effects. Each photograph based on the same original shot can show a different mood or side of the person I’m photographing. That’s what I did with this shot of myself and my new friend, Percival (yeah, I named my unicorn 😉 )

1 A Unicorn Followed Me Home_016a

Even a change in how the shot is cropped can affect the mood and focus of the photo:

1 A Unicorn Followed Me Home_016b

I wanted each shot to have an ethereal feel to it, mystical, magical, romantic. I hope I captured those moods.

A short post, but I need to run. Percival has wandered into the neighbour’s garden and I think he’s eating the petunias!

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