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People who don’t inhabit virtual worlds like Second Life often don’t understand how two folks can meet and almost instantly find a connection when they only have avatars and text as their means of communication. Just because you can’t see or touch someone, though, doesn’t mean that relationship isn’t as real. I work as a host and shift manager at a rock club in Second Life (Breaking The Rules). My job there is to greet people, help them out and just be social, making sure they enjoy their time at the club. As such, I meet a LOT of people on a daily basis.

But sometimes, you just ‘click’ with a person and know that you share a bond that will always exist. A ‘sister of the heart’ or a BFF, to be cliche. Tylar Hemmit-Revestel is one of those amazing women whom I will always hold dear. The nickname “My Cherished” came from a Facebook app that listed your friends and how much they love you. Silly nonsense, but in her case, so true.

In our club, the tip jars project the Second LIfe profile picture of the host and DJ. And Tylar’s was, well…average 😉 It was a snapshot that wasn’t sized properly and you could barely make out her features. You certainly couldn’t recognise her beauty from that photo. One night, she mentioned she was saving to have new profile pictures done, and I immediately volunteered to do them for her. It took us a few weeks to actually get the time together for the shoot, but finally, one Friday night, I got her to my home and I flipped her through pose after pose, dragged her around my property to different locations and made her go through wardrobe changes until the poor girl was probably ready to shoot me 😀 I took over 70 shots and in the end, I presented her with 21 photos that I found acceptable. Not a bad strike rate, actually, but I believe that is because I know her so well and I was able to capture her moods and personality more easily.

I wanted to show the different sides of Tylar. And I’m proud to show the world how I captured those aspects of My Cherished.


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And as My Cherished puts it:

Hello, World, Here’s Tylar!

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Oh, and that friend I mentioned in my first post who told me she loved how I had captured so many sides of her in her portraits? Who encouraged me to offer my services to others? Who gave me the confidence to do just that and as a result, begin this blog?

Yep. You guessed it. That was Tylar…My Cherished ♥

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