Two Sisters, No Credits

1 Two Sisters 2

When I take photos for my blog I am fastidious about taking down the credits. I think it’s important to give proper due to the amazing creators of Second Life.

I’m breaking my own rule here today. I’m blogging and I’m not going to do credits. Not because the creators of everything in this photo aren’t amazing, but because I had no intention of blogging this picture when I took it. It is just a happy snap I took while hanging out with my sis.

I love going to visit Rwah. She’s amazingly talented and it is rare to see her sim looking the same way on two successive visits. But I liked this particular incarnation. So while we were sitting there discussing her latest vision for her space, fashion, men, and life in general, I snuck my view behind us and took this shot. I didn’t let on; I just passed her the raw shot after I had taken it.

It made me happy. Just spending time with Rwah. No pressure to hit deadlines, no clients to prep for, no pressing shopping events I just had to attend. Just two sisters, no credits and a beautiful memory, captured in a photograph.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

My sister, myself, a bench (from junk.) and a vista.

Logistics And Love

1 Sisters_047JFB

It’s not easy getting five people in three different time zones together in one place at one time, even in a virtual world. But today, Maddie, Mandy, Aqua, Jessy and I did it. Four of my sisters and I finally managed to do what we’ve been wanting to do for weeks, if not months. These aren’t nearly all of my sisters, but it’s the most we’ve gotten together, so we grabbed the opportunity to take our photos.

It was a logistical nightmare, but we didn’t stop laughing the entire hour and a half we spent together. Pose props were uncooperative, hair was in armpits, faces and crotches, heads were swiveling and bobbing, avatars were facing the wrong direction, shoes were put on noob feet and taken off again…pure chaos. And pure fun.

I wouldn’t trade these women I call my sisters for the world.

A Gift To My Heart

1 hanging with Abbie1

It’s not often that I have a lot of free time when I’m in Second Life. Aside from my business, I also work at a club. So most of my time is spent either working or doing something to do with work, in one way or another (ok, I guess I qualify shopping as part of work – I need new clothes and poses and props for work..right?). But today my photo shoot was postponed until tomorrow, I’d done my photos for today’s blog – and completed it, and still had time to kill before I had to be at the club to host. My sister, Butter (Abbie to the rest of the world) IM’d me and told me she was house hunting. We chatted in IM for a while, then she invited me over.

We ended up putting up a house I had in my inventory for her. It’s “girlier” than her previous homes, but she liked it. And she blamed me for turning her into more of a girl – achievement! \o/ And then we just hung out. Talking and giggling, like sisters do.

It was a great day. I didn’t realise how much I missed just playing in SL. There’s more to it than work, for sure. And thank you, Butter, for reminding me ♥

1 hanging with Abbie

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. ~Isadora James