Two Sisters, No Credits

1 Two Sisters 2

When I take photos for my blog I am fastidious about taking down the credits. I think it’s important to give proper due to the amazing creators of Second Life.

I’m breaking my own rule here today. I’m blogging and I’m not going to do credits. Not because the creators of everything in this photo aren’t amazing, but because I had no intention of blogging this picture when I took it. It is just a happy snap I took while hanging out with my sis.

I love going to visit Rwah. She’s amazingly talented and it is rare to see her sim looking the same way on two successive visits. But I liked this particular incarnation. So while we were sitting there discussing her latest vision for her space, fashion, men, and life in general, I snuck my view behind us and took this shot. I didn’t let on; I just passed her the raw shot after I had taken it.

It made me happy. Just spending time with Rwah. No pressure to hit deadlines, no clients to prep for, no pressing shopping events I just had to attend. Just two sisters, no credits and a beautiful memory, captured in a photograph.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

My sister, myself, a bench (from junk.) and a vista.

A Father’s Love

1 Knox & Alejandro_030A

You may remember the photos I did of Knox a while back. He contacted me to do photos of him and his son and to be honest, I was a little worried. I’ve never done family photos before. I had a few family poses, but I had never used them and needed to adapt them to a single father.

Despite a few technical difficulties, including losing Alex and Knox having to relog to find him again (eek!), we managed to complete the shoot.

He didn’t ask for the quote I included in the top photo, but I thought it was appropriate. It’s the love that makes a man a father…not just providing the DNA.

1 Knox & Alejandro_047x

And yes, Knox…you do make adorable babies 😉

1 Knox & Alejandro_005