Even Kittens Blink

Ah…how many otherwise perfect photographs have been ruined by the simple act of blinking? You’ve framed the shot, gotten the lighting and angle just right, and at the instant you snap the shot…your subject blinks!

Sometimes it works out. The closed eyes suit the mood and style you are wanting to capture. Although usually if you want a photo of someone with their eyes closed, you simply ask them to do so.

That doesn’t work in Second Life. Unless you have a pose, such as some sleep poses, that override the standard animations of the avatar and closes the eyes, you have to wait until the subject blinks, then freeze the frame and hope you didn’t capture them with lids half closed. If so…you wait again until they blink and hope you are a bit faster on the mouse button.

But this post isn’t about those instances of trying to capture closed eyes. It’s about those accidental “oopsies” where closed eyes either work…or they don’t.

This one, I think did.

1 Tattoo Close Up

When I was scrolling through my raw shots to find one or two to finish, I almost went past this one. This was cropped from a full-length shot. And while I don’t think the “blink” would have worked in a full-frame shot, I liked how it turned out for a close-up.

This one, on the other hand, didn’t.

1 aussie day blink

I thought I could pull off a dreamy look when I saw this one. Instead, to me, it just looked like…I blinked.

Sometimes those droopy eyelids will allow me to show a different mood by happy accident. But most of the time, it’s just one more shot for the rubbish bin.

As for the title of this post? Yes, it’s true…sometimes even kittens blink 🙂

1 Petal blinks

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