The Boudoir Whale

Odd title for a post about photography…but it came up today in a silly conversation and it just stuck in my head 🙂

To try to tie it together, I’ll be spouting about the enormous possibilities – oceans worth of them – when doing bedroom shots.

When I think of boudoir photography, I think of very soft, hazy pictures of women in filmy lingerie. There is a huge market in this type of work for women who want to give their partners a little excitement and spice up their love lives (now, why do humpbacks suddenly come to mind? 😀 )

This photo is one that exemplifies the sensual style that typifies boudoir photography.

1 Bedded_019

But I often choose to swim away from the pod when it comes to my photography. (Don’t krill me; I know that was bad!)

This picture is also a boudoir shot, but it is whimsical and sweet, rather than steamy and sexy.

1 Princess_003a

Yes, I have breached convention with this photograph, but I love lobtailing in the face of the norm 😉

And that, my dear readers, is my whale of a story!

Talk to me! (please? )

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