This title could describe blogging: since I began about a month ago, I’ve learned that blogging is hazardous to my free time. It’s not just the time I spend actually posting the blog – it’s the time I take to shoot the photographs, select them and process them for publication. It’s also hazardous to my friends; one of these days they’ll get sick of my blogs and hold an intervention!

But this title actually refers to the name of the sim where I took these photos. It’s another place I found on the Second Life Destination Guide. The description provided intrigued me, so I had to check it out.

“Dream infinitely, remain fearless, but always seek hazardous adventures.” Hazardous is a mysterious and intriguing place to take a few photographs, hang out, dance, or just spend some quiet time reflecting. Seek it out.

And they weren’t wrong. I did find it mysterious and intriguing, to say the least. From the landing point on a floating platform you plummeted gracefully from to the main sim, I was immediately captivated.

I’m just going to share a few photos I took there – no commentary from me, other than to say, besides the last photo, I did very little processing (for me, anyway). The stark beauty of the sim just needed to be shown as simply as possible. I changed the Windlight settings, but other than that, these are what you will find if you visit this beautiful place.

1 Hazardous_008

1 Hazardous_011

1 Hazardous_017

1 Hazardous_049

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