Cast Adrift

Windblown_037 S

Quite often I will process more than one version of the photos I blog. When I am having trouble deciding which to use, I turn to my favourite adviser. He has an amazing knack for picking the best photo, which is borne out by Favorites on Flickr. I’m sure he cringes whenever I start a conversation with, “OK, which do you like best?” but he always humours me. Normally he has a definite preference but on occasion he equivocates and the ensuing discussion can be downright surreal.

I’m talking about my sweetheart, Grumper. I mention him occasionally on my blog, but I don’t really talk about him. But since I laughed so hard at this conversation I thought I would let him do the talking for himself.

PeepSideshow Darkward
ok, which do you like best?
The first has lighting that looks relaxing and beautiful, the second is quite foreboding
What look are you going for?
PeepSideshow Darkward
Lol I was hoping you would tell me
PeepSideshow Darkward
I kind of like the second…I think the 1st one is a bit too bright
Well the 2nd one is great for a jungle horror like king kong or a very alluring parfum advert
PeepSideshow Darkward
Oh gawd
The 1st is more novelised romance or a designer denim advert
PeepSideshow Darkward
I snorted
Looool well you asked
PeepSideshow Darkward
Lol I did
So what is the blog about?
PeepSideshow Darkward
Lmao I have no idea
I was gonna call it “Cast Adrift”
But no clue what I’ll write
Lol I love the first one but depends what you’re trying to convey in the blog
PeepSideshow Darkward
Lol I’ll go with the first and make it up as I go
I think the 1st would work if you go for the happiness of loneliness kinda vibe
PeepSideshow Darkward
I’ll see what I can do
I was just shooting for dramatic lighting
Lol the second is dramatic, but the first is in a different, more vibrant way
PeepSideshow Darkward
lol although I’m tempted to use the second one and steal your king kong parfum ad description
Lol you should!!!
PeepSideshow Darkward
lol I’ll work it in and use the other
Lol no make it all modernist Francais television or sumthun

And this is what a lot of our conversations are like. It is a wonder I manage to get any work done at all.

Since I have no clue how to make this “all modernist Francais television or sumthin” I’m just gonna leave it at this. Oh…and I guess I need to include the second photo so you can see what a horror movie, King Kong-inspired alluring parfum ad looks like. And I was cast adrift…in fits of laughter 😀

1 Windblown_037

Thank you, Cha Cha Ascot, for removing the loneliness from the happiness vibe ❤

Pretty stuff I'm showing off:

Top: Tee*fy Basic Tucked Tank Peach by Azure Electricteeth
Skirt: Tee*fy Emily Mini Flare Skirt Creme by Azure Electricteeth
Hair: Exile::Rain Dark Reds by Kavar Cleanslate (Gacha prize at The Arcade March ’14) THANK YOU, COUGAR ♥
Skin: [PXL] Creations – [PXL] JADE SK Cherry Lips MEB C2 by Hart Larsson
Eye Makeup: [PXL] Creations – [PXL] JADE SK Smokey Eyes by Hart Larsson
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Flat by Siddean Munro
Hand & Feet appliers:[PXL] Creations – [ PXL ] Slink Hand & Feet Appliers SK by Hart Larsson
Eyes: Amacci Gaze Eyes – Ocean Blue by Carina Larsen
Lashes: Mon Cheri *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Oliveri

Raft: Kuro – Into the blue by Luana Dawg

Pose: GLITTERATI – Headshot 2 – 2 by Katey Coppola (NLA)

Shot using the LumiPro HUD

Beta Testing LumiPro With Color Picker

LumiPro Beta HUD
LumiPro Beta HUD

I have been a huge fan of the LumiPro HUD since I first trialed it several months ago. It is “a serious photography tool for working in virtual worlds” and has made a huge difference to me in terms of the quality of my photographs, whether I am shooting for a client or myself. The capability is amazing – I’m not going to do a tutorial on this system – creator Stefan Buscaylet (a RL and SL photographer) has done those himself in the LumiPro blog. The post I have linked to has a video on the basics of using LumiPro, but there is a full range of videos in the sidebar to the right that go into more depth on the various capabilities of the system. There is also an extensive user manual that I recommend you read.

And yes, it is a photography system. The HUD, which is worn by the photographer, controls lighting through wearable lights and wearable OR rezzable projectors, posing, incremental eye positioning and the ability to save lighting presets and search through your loaded poses. It even allows you assign gender to your poses so you can create sets within a single HUD. The system is copy, so you can create separate HUDs for different poses and you can back them up so they are safe. And since the lights and projectors are wearable, you can use this system on location with not just yourself as a subject, but up to four models/clients, as well. No rez rights required! I’ll go into the exciting new update Stefan is working on after the cut.

Click to read the rest of the review

Neva River Revisited

I promised myself I would go back to Neva River before it closes to the public. It’s a beautiful place and I spent a couple of hours wandering around and taking photos. Alas, I haven’t created a single image from my wanderings that I really like. I used multiple windlight settings, as well as the region default settings, shot from a variety of locations using different poses, and still…


Please don’t let these photos discourage you. Visit. Before it’s too late.

1 Neva River 2_022

1 Neva River 2_035

1 Neva River 2_054

1 Neva River 2_090

While this really isn’t a fashion post, I liked the outfit I put together, so I’ll share the credits.

Top: The Sea Hole – New Romance (Mesh) Wrap Blouse – Lavender
Skirt: tulip. Transparent Twilight Maxi Skirt (Cream)
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Flora” (Type B)(Garnet)
Skin: [:T:] Helena / powder (red) :: 09
Necklace & Earrings: EarthStones Marquessa – Pink Tourmaline
Belly Ring: EarthStones Love Me Belly Ring – Silver
Nails: je suis…naive v.2 BASIC NAILS
Shoes: [Gos] Mae Platform – Nude