Single Frame Stories – Blur

If you follow my blog, you know I have begun contributing to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s nice to have a prompt for creating a blog post. And I love to see other bloggers’ entries.

I have discovered another blog challenge, Single Frame Stories, which is simply that – a challenge to create a story based around the prompt word in a single frame. It’s an interesting concept and one I am hoping to contribute to weekly.

This week’s prompt is the word “blur”.

1 Blur

I took this photo in Bryn Oh’s Shop on the Immersiva sim. The link takes you to the sim, and there is a sign at the landing point from which you can teleport to the shop. I was captivated by the barren room that is the shop, with various interesting and imaginative items scattered about. I sat down beside this object – pehaps a clock? – and snapped a few photos. I loved the fog or steam (or whatever that particle cloud is) that was being emitted. And it seemed to be a nice quiet spot for reflection.

You can click the photo for a larger image with more (blurry) detail.

This is another place in Second Life I found using the Destination Guide. If you haven’t used this resource before, I highly recommend it. You can access it either from the Second Life website under the “What Next?” tab, or you can bring it up from most viewers in world.

I’m looking forward to next week’s challenge. This week is passing in a blur, so it won’t be long before another one comes around 😉

Oh, if you want to check out where I discovered this challenge, please click the link to this post by one of my very favourite Second Life bloggers, Strawberry Singh.

4 thoughts on “Single Frame Stories – Blur

  1. Seicher Rae March 15, 2013 / 12:17 pm

    And I’ve participated in SFS and never heard of WordPress’s photo thing. 😀

    • peepsideshow March 15, 2013 / 12:20 pm

      Amazing the things I stumble across when I have no idea where I’m going! 😉

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