Scattered Collabor88ion – A Close Encounter

As promised yesterday, I am now bringing you the second part of my scattered thought process from my previous post. After accidentally zooming in while resting on my window seat, I snapped a few shots.

These are the result:

1 collabor88_044

1 collabor88_069

1 collabor88_085

I like the softness of each of these shots. I like to feel feminine, and these seem to portray that. I did a fair bit of processing on each of them, except for the last one, layering effects to achieve the results. I’m using the first one (with my name added) as my current SL profile pic, although I think I like the second one better. Alas, it’s not cropped properly for the profile picture format and I’ll be damned if I can redo the shot in that size to make it look the same!

As I said before…bad photographer for not writing down my steps 😦 Maybe now I’ll learn!

By the way, the phoneography challenge taught me one thing. I started this post last night on my computer, but I was able to finish it on my phone during lunch!

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