Scattered Collabor88ion – The Dilemma

This post is a bit scattered in its theme. Kind of suitable for my frame of mind right now. Originally, it was going to be yet another Second Life fashion post with items I purchased from a fantastic fashion sales event in Second Life, Collabor88. It’s one of my favourite monthly events with some beautiful designs from some of the top creators in Second Life – one that is guaranteed to zap my wallet on the eighth of every month!

But then, I started processing the photos I took, and I found one image that I kept playing with. I don’t normally use cross processing, but with the lighting I used, it seemed to work well with this particular shot. So then, I decided I would make this a post about using different techniques, while still featuring the lovely items I bought.

Ah, but I also took some close ups. So of course, I wanted to highlight those head shots that seem to bedevil me with the details.

What’s a girl to do? I’ve decided to do a two-part post. Today I’ll highlight the fashion items and the technique and tomorrow I’ll post the close-ups. Yes, it’s a Two-fer! 😀

This is the photo that began my dilemma. I have done nothing to this shot except cropping.

1 collabor88_029 base

This was taken in the bedroom of our Second Life home. The pink and purple hues you see are created by lighting. The room is nowhere near this colour. So, I tried my hand at a bit of cross-processing to try to get it closer to the original without losing the highlights I was able to achieve with this particular Windlight setting (and don’t ask me which one is was; I just flip through them and shoot if I like the way it looks. Bad photographer, I know!)

These photos are still nothing like the original colours, but I loved the soft pastel hues.

Cross processed with green:

1 collabor88_029 blue

Cross processed with blue, and closer to the real colours:

1 collabor88_029 green

So, that’s a wrap up of my scattered, un-themed post for today. Please stay tuned tomorrow for part two.

But for now, this is The End 😉

1 collabor88_010


From Collabor88
Pants: (Elate!) Elle Jeans Mustard
Jacket: (Elate!) Piper Blazer Khaki
Top: The Sea Hole – Odette Bustier – marmalade (previous Collabor88 group gift, worn but not seen in these shots)
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Flora” (Type B)(Garnet)

Other items
Bracelet/nails: [MANDALA]KABUKI Ring/GOLD
Necklace: MG Necklace – Patience – Heart Watch Pendant – Short – GOLD
Skin: Akeruka Blanca Tan

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