The Princess and Her…

1 Watching_042

Prince? Toad? That’s the question and that’s my quandary for this week’s Single Frame Story. The prompt this week is “watch”. When I posted a photo of this sign on my Facebook page today, a friend decided I HAD to have it in Second Life. So when I logged in tonight, there it was waiting for me 🙂 So I decided to make it a part of my challenge photo this week. Thank you, Stufly! ♥

I took a LOT of shots of this pose. I loved the lighting on this dress with so many different Windlight settings that I just kept switching them and snapping more pictures. Then came the really hard part; selecting one to finish for the blog.

Well, I couldn’t decide (imagine that!). I ended up with two photos using different cropping and different techniques. The theme is identical, though. And I’ll have a hard time choosing one this week. Who knows? I may wimp out and post them both, since I know I can enter more than one 😉

1 Watching_056

I won’t run a poll this week, but you’re more than welcome – indeed encouraged – to leave a comment on which one you like best!

And now, I’m off to search for my prince…erm…toad…erm…prince…erm…

You get the drift 😉

Talk to me! (please? )

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