The Princess and Her…

1 Watching_042

Prince? Toad? That’s the question and that’s my quandary for this week’s Single Frame Story. The prompt this week is “watch”. When I posted a photo of this sign on my Facebook page today, a friend decided I HAD to have it in Second Life. So when I logged in tonight, there it was waiting for me 🙂 So I decided to make it a part of my challenge photo this week. Thank you, Stufly! ♥

I took a LOT of shots of this pose. I loved the lighting on this dress with so many different Windlight settings that I just kept switching them and snapping more pictures. Then came the really hard part; selecting one to finish for the blog.

Well, I couldn’t decide (imagine that!). I ended up with two photos using different cropping and different techniques. The theme is identical, though. And I’ll have a hard time choosing one this week. Who knows? I may wimp out and post them both, since I know I can enter more than one 😉

1 Watching_056

I won’t run a poll this week, but you’re more than welcome – indeed encouraged – to leave a comment on which one you like best!

And now, I’m off to search for my prince…erm…toad…erm…prince…erm…

You get the drift 😉

The Purple-Haired Pixie

Feisty. Playful. Just a little naughty. A bacon-loving, shoe-fanatical, shopping-crazed, music cover-addicted, purple-haired pixie. That’s Hope Seranade. An Irish fireball with a giggle to make your heart sing. She’s one hell of a DJ and and even better friend.

1 Hope_043a2

My favourite internet meme is one that says “I’m pretty sure I was supposed to be a princess. No, seriously. Someone needs to fix this.” I laugh at it, but think, yeah, I’m pretty sure I was. And I think that about Hope, too.

When Hope asked me to do her photographs, I had a lot of choices for how I wanted to portray her. I decided to forgo the bacon 😀 , but I had to include the shoes! And I dragged out a pose prop I bought on impulse, but didn’t really think I’d ever use. (Hey, it was on sale – something Hope would understand!) Instead, when Hope put on her pretty princess dress, I knew it would be the perfect backdrop for her.

1 Hope_002

But I also wanted to show the “rock chick” side of Hope. The edgy DJ who loves nothing more than to ferret out covers, play new music, mix up the tracks so her audience is always listening…anticipating the next tune. And waiting for that Irish lilt to carry across the airwaves, laughter always underpinning her words. No matter how much Hope may be hurting – physically or emotionally – when she plays music, her spirit soars. And anybody listening in can feel it and take that joyful ride with her.

1 Hope_026a

I work with Hope at Breaking The Rules in Second Life, but she’s more than a boss or coworker; she’s a friend and I’m blessed to have this purple-haired pixie in my life.