I had an opportunity to do client photos for Myst. She comes to the club where I work frequently, and she wanted photos for her profile, her picks section and also to display at home. She requested photos that were romantic and soft, but she also wanted photos that showed her biker girl side. I found both of these styles fun to work with.

1 Myst_037O WMM

1 Myst_055

1 Myst_068

Myst’s boyfriend came with her to the shoot. I love when my clients bring someone with them. I don’t talk much while I’m shooting, so having someone there helps us both to relax – the client, so she doesn’t get bored and me, so I’m not worrying about talking while I’m working. I kind of zone in on what I’m doing, so I’m not much company 😉

While I was doing Myst’s shots, she asked if I could do one of her and her boyfriend together. I was happy to comply.

1 Myst_118A

1 Myst_101

Myst supplied the poem that I added to their photo. I’m not sure who wrote it, but my apologies to the author for not citing your work.

Lovely Myst. Lovely lady.

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