In The Light Of Their Love

1 Cheri & Tim_024

It has been a while since I blogged any client work. It’s not that I don’t want to show it off; it’s just that I usually have other things to blog and don’t get around to doing it.

A couple of days ago I took photos for a special couple. If you regularly read my blog comments, you will be familiar with the witty and lovely Cheri. She has been following my blog for a while and when she and her sweetheart, Tim, were partnered, she gave me the honour of taking their photographs.

They were a dream couple to work with. Not only did they know which poses they wanted (and told me in advance), they had their outfits ready for quick changes – a major time saver. And they are delightful – funny, sweet and obviously in love.

I have to say the lead photo is one of my all-time favourite photos I have done. The picture stars aligned, I got a great shot and I was inspired when processing. I am normally hyper-critical of my own work, but I am very proud of this one.

1 Cheri & Tim_037

This one is a little more formal, but I like the way that Tim is watching over Cheri – obviously with adoration.

I enjoyed my time with Cheri and Tim. They were attentive, relaxed and fun to be around. I wish them happiness and may the light of their love never fade.

Photo 1: {.:exposeur:.} All I Ever Wanted by Rubystarlight Writer
Photo 2: {.:exposeur:.} Let There Be Love by RubyStarlight Writer

Photos taken using the LumiPro HUD


I had an opportunity to do client photos for Myst. She comes to the club where I work frequently, and she wanted photos for her profile, her picks section and also to display at home. She requested photos that were romantic and soft, but she also wanted photos that showed her biker girl side. I found both of these styles fun to work with.

1 Myst_037O WMM

1 Myst_055

1 Myst_068

Myst’s boyfriend came with her to the shoot. I love when my clients bring someone with them. I don’t talk much while I’m shooting, so having someone there helps us both to relax – the client, so she doesn’t get bored and me, so I’m not worrying about talking while I’m working. I kind of zone in on what I’m doing, so I’m not much company 😉

While I was doing Myst’s shots, she asked if I could do one of her and her boyfriend together. I was happy to comply.

1 Myst_118A

1 Myst_101

Myst supplied the poem that I added to their photo. I’m not sure who wrote it, but my apologies to the author for not citing your work.

Lovely Myst. Lovely lady.

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life – Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

I’m going back to the basis for my blog for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. “A Day in My Life” is a good place to show you a bit about my Second Life. I’m going to try to use photos I’ve not posted to my blog before, although you may have seen a variation of a shot I’ve used in the past. In some cases, my Second Life and real life blend and merge…I think, no matter what anyone says, that’s pretty typical.

So strap on your seat belts, grab your popcorn and here we go!

What day isn’t started without a nice cup of coffee or tea and a cupcake? Those chores will have to wait!
1 Kitchen_001

I spend a lot of my day trading messages with my SL sweetheart in real life. He moves from location to location while he’s working. We have a joke that I gps stalk him from the messages he sends me. I do love to see the different places he goes, and if he accidentally turns off his location services from his phone, he’s quick to turn it back on. I never ask him to, but he picks up from questions I ask that his thumb has switched it off. Clever girl, eh?
1 gps stalker

My photography and blog are big components of my Second Life. I spend a lot of time testing out poses and techniques on myself before I use it for a photo shoot. These are just a few shots of my guinea pig imitation 😉

1 Ducky_007
1 Ice cream_005
1 LBD_017

And always, there’s time for shopping! Just a few pics from my recent skin-shopping adventure and some of the demo skins I tried.

1 Glance Anais September_002

1 Izzie's Harlow sunkissed_001

This is the one I chose 🙂
1 Helena Powder 09_001

And then, off to work. I’m a shift manager and host at Breaking The Rules, a rock club in Second Life. Trust me, it’s a great job…you get to listen to music, socialise and just get silly!


1 Fish Attack

1 Lil Ones_006

And then back home again. Time for some quiet contemplation…

1 Hey Sailor_051

…or if I’m lucky, some time with my sweetheart 🙂

1 Imagine

And there it is, a day in my Second Life, where everything you can imagine IS real 🙂

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