Sticky Sweet

1 Cupcakes_009

I’m a bad blogger 😦 I missed the Weekly Photo Challenge yesterday and didn’t blog at all. I’m using the fact that I had a roaring headache all day and the cold/flu/ickiness that I thought I was over seemed to have come back. I guess a day of playing couch potato helped though, because I’m feeling much better today.

I did spend part of my slothful time checking out some of my favourite blogs. And of course, this one by Chic Aeon caught my eye – food and fetishes? Hmmm…yeah, that works for me! Certainly, waffles are delectable, but this girl went straight for the cupcakes!

These pose props, part of the SugarRush Calendar set from (*chanimations, are nothing but fun! They are cleverly named (Waffellatio?!, OrangeOrgy and Ice My Berry are just three that had me giggling) and highly detailed with loads of options for utilising the poses. There are even different versions, depending on how much detail you want and how many prims you have to spare. Click the photos for a better view of the amazing detail. You can check out all of the choices in the Main Theatre at (*chanimations.

While I didn’t spring for the full 12-month calendar pack, I did grab another set. But you’ll have to wait until another day to see the other one I chose. Right now, I’m sticky sweet and heading into a sugar coma 😉

1 Cupcakes_053

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life – Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

I’m going back to the basis for my blog for the Weekly Photo Challenge this week. “A Day in My Life” is a good place to show you a bit about my Second Life. I’m going to try to use photos I’ve not posted to my blog before, although you may have seen a variation of a shot I’ve used in the past. In some cases, my Second Life and real life blend and merge…I think, no matter what anyone says, that’s pretty typical.

So strap on your seat belts, grab your popcorn and here we go!

What day isn’t started without a nice cup of coffee or tea and a cupcake? Those chores will have to wait!
1 Kitchen_001

I spend a lot of my day trading messages with my SL sweetheart in real life. He moves from location to location while he’s working. We have a joke that I gps stalk him from the messages he sends me. I do love to see the different places he goes, and if he accidentally turns off his location services from his phone, he’s quick to turn it back on. I never ask him to, but he picks up from questions I ask that his thumb has switched it off. Clever girl, eh?
1 gps stalker

My photography and blog are big components of my Second Life. I spend a lot of time testing out poses and techniques on myself before I use it for a photo shoot. These are just a few shots of my guinea pig imitation 😉

1 Ducky_007
1 Ice cream_005
1 LBD_017

And always, there’s time for shopping! Just a few pics from my recent skin-shopping adventure and some of the demo skins I tried.

1 Glance Anais September_002

1 Izzie's Harlow sunkissed_001

This is the one I chose 🙂
1 Helena Powder 09_001

And then, off to work. I’m a shift manager and host at Breaking The Rules, a rock club in Second Life. Trust me, it’s a great job…you get to listen to music, socialise and just get silly!


1 Fish Attack

1 Lil Ones_006

And then back home again. Time for some quiet contemplation…

1 Hey Sailor_051

…or if I’m lucky, some time with my sweetheart 🙂

1 Imagine

And there it is, a day in my Second Life, where everything you can imagine IS real 🙂

Please check out the other entries for the Weekly Photo Challenge in the comments section of this post.

Decisions, Decisions

I’m keeping my word to myself and I’m going to enter the Single Frame Stories blog challenge again this week. The prompt this time around is “Vanilla”. Oh, so many ways to interpret that! And I’ve decided I’m not going to limit myself; instead, I’ve set myself another challenge – to create at least three possible entries this week then decide which one (or all) to enter.

Of course, when I think of vanilla, I think cupcakes. But I also think of chocolate. What a delicious decision to have to make!

So which one did I choose?

1 Vanilla_028

Did you expect anything different? 😉

Stay tuned for more Vanilla blogs during the week. When I get at least three interpretations, I’ll run a poll (if I can figure out how to do one!) and let you decide what my entry should be.