You Can’t Go Wrong With Vanilla

But which vanilla to choose?

If voting changed anything, they’d abolish it.
~Ken Livingstone

As I promised earlier in the week, I have created three photos for the Single Frame Stories blog challenge and YOU get to choose which one I enter. I can keep this promise because I figured out how to do a poll in my blog 😀 And while I have my favourite, I’m going to prove Mr Livingstone wrong and I’ll abide by your decision.

But before we get to the poll, here is a refresher. You can click the links to check out the full posts, or you can click on the images in the poll to see a larger image.

1. Decisions, Decisions

2. Why Does Chocolate Get All The Press?

3. Yippee! Look At Me!! Number Three!!!

And….drumroll…here it is! Your chance to choose my Vanilla entry!

Because I have to enter my photo by Saturday, the poll will only run until 11:59pm Friday. So get in early and help me out. And I’d love to see your comments on why you chose the photo you did!

Decisions, Decisions

I’m keeping my word to myself and I’m going to enter the Single Frame Stories blog challenge again this week. The prompt this time around is “Vanilla”. Oh, so many ways to interpret that! And I’ve decided I’m not going to limit myself; instead, I’ve set myself another challenge – to create at least three possible entries this week then decide which one (or all) to enter.

Of course, when I think of vanilla, I think cupcakes. But I also think of chocolate. What a delicious decision to have to make!

So which one did I choose?

1 Vanilla_028

Did you expect anything different? 😉

Stay tuned for more Vanilla blogs during the week. When I get at least three interpretations, I’ll run a poll (if I can figure out how to do one!) and let you decide what my entry should be.