She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful

She’s beautiful, but she doesn’t know it. That’s one of her charms, and she has many.

I’ve blogged about my dear friend, Tylar, before. She was the one who finally convinced me to offer my photography services to people other than my friends. She is my shoulder when I need strength, someone who can always make me laugh, an inspiration to me. She is My Cherished.

Hers was one of the first “formal” photo shoots I did. She loved the photos, but looking back at them, I see mistakes I would love to fix in each one. There was one shot I took that I loved and had tried to complete several times, although I had failed in every previous attempt. But since I’ve been playing around with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements this week, I thought I would try again. And I made some adjustments I hadn’t been able to do before. Still, I wasn’t happy, and was unsure what to do to complete it, so I imported it to my standby, and tinkered with it some more.

The final product…well, to me, it shows so much of Tylar. Her beauty. Her softness. A hint of mystery and wistfulness.

1 Cherished 1 C

I still don’t believe I’ve done her justice. She’s beautiful beyond what a mere image can show.

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