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Over Hill And Dimrill Dale

1 Dimrill Dale_007

If you read my blog post yesterday, you may recall me mentioning I had been in a blue mood the previous day. When I’m feeling a bit low, winter is the season that comes to mind. I had heard that Calas Galadhon Park was being transformed into a winter wonderland, so I headed over – despite my desire to be wearing a bikini recently!

I gravitated to Dimrill Dale, probably my favourite of the many sims in the park. With darker, cooler windlight settings I took in the glorious landscape. Yes, the above photo is more pink than blue, but you can still feel the crispness in the air.

The overview is stunning, but I found myself getting caught up in the details.

1 Dimrill Dale_010

The snow-covered hay wagon and stable, home to two gorgeous and friendly horses. I could almost hear them pawing the ground and see their breath being exhaled, little puffs of happiness in the cold winter air.

1 Dimrill Dale_016

The bridges, snow-capped rails gleaming in the winter moonlight, no clouds to hold any the remnants of the winter day’s fleeting sun.

I wandered this sim for over an hour. I stopped to take frequent photos, but for the most part I just got lost in the moment. And then another. And another.

1 Dimrill Dale_018

Then I wandered into this glen. Dark at first, but as I moved toward the brightness in the distance, I felt my blue mood lifting.

I don’t know if it was something internal that brightened my outlook, but I can’t say it wasn’t climbing the hills and dales of this magical location that did the trick. Whatever it was, I was able to dig into that “too hard basket” and clear it of a tiny bit of clutter.

Sometimes blue is just a colour, after all.

6 thoughts on “Over Hill And Dimrill Dale

  1. Glad your blue mood has lifted, and yep, it’s just a color. 🙂 I’m reminded by your last few sentences that sometimes we do have to go through the darkness to emerge into the light.

  2. That is by far my most favorite place to visit in Second Life!! Every individual SIM is so well done with oodles of small details. Always leave there with a smile on my face 🙂

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