Making Myself At Home

1 Small Town Green

This year I have promised myself (no, it’s not a New Year’s Resolution) to visit more locations in Second Life. I see lots of beautiful places on Flickr and blog posts and I have a list of spots I want to visit – which seems to grow faster than I can tick them off my list! I’ve even been known to add a place just so I can mark it off 😉

One of those places I hadn’t yet visited is Small Town Green. After a horrendous experience shopping at The Season’s Story (that’s a whole ‘nother blog post right there!) I decided I needed a quieter location to shoot photographs. I wanted a cozy nook to curl up in while wearing this oh-so-soft-and-snuggly sweater and leggings and the thought of building my own set was too much for me to bear (where were you when I needed you, Rwah????). So I took a quick peek at my list and Small Town Green seemed to fit the bill.

It really is a pretty sim. And when I stepped inside this house, I simply made myself at home. Curled up in this comfy chair, I had a lovely time discussing everything from the weather to the pros and cons of trying to shop at a busy sales event on the first day with Mr. Bambi. We watched the horses and the moon playing across the water. We even went so far as to play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who would clean up the mess on the floor.

By the way, Bambi thinks I need to practice patience a bit more in regard to shopping at time-limited events. And even though my Rock won over his Scissors, I ended up tidying up before I left. As he reminded me, I am the one with opposable thumbs 😉

(I’m still trying to figure out how he managed to make scissors!)

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

My stuff:
Sweater: tulip. Color Block Sweater S Clay by Minami Susanowa (available at The Seasons Story)
Tights: Maitreya Tights (Pinched) * Coal by Onyx LeShelle
Scarf: MIEL INFINITY SCARF PLAIN SKINNY by Miel Nirvana (Fifty Linden Friday find)
Boots: *ionic* My winter boots (camouflage) by lakua Arriaga (available at The Chapter Four)
Necklace: Schadenfreude Smoky Lumi Necklace by Allegory Malaprop (available at Collabor88)
Earrings: Schadenfreude Smoky Dangle Lumi Earrings by Allegory Malaprop (available at Collabor88)
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Averil” (MVW USA 2014)(Garnet) by Marisa Kira (available at Collabor88)
Skin: [PXL] Creations – [PXL] JADE SK Peach Lips MEB C2 by Hart Larsson
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual by Siddean Munro
Hand appliers:[PXL] Creations – [ PXL ] Slink Hand Appliers SK by Hart Larsson
Eyes: Amacci Gaze Eyes – Ocean Blue by Carina Larsen
Lashes: Mon Cheri *MC* “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Oliveri

Stuff at Small Town Green:
Chairs: Zigana . winter chair. by Nalena Fairey
Rug: .lame – Theo’s Rug by Divine Falodir
Floor decorations: Zigana . With love mix by Nalena Fairey
Bambi: AMU – The Bambi! by Jesse Nacht
Window sill decoration : Vespertine Mesh.oo2 by Amelie Knelstrom
Potted tree: (iTuTu) tree pot 1 by Kao Sands
House: L2 STUDIO Tarrytown House by Lindini2 Lane

Pose by the chair

7 thoughts on “Making Myself At Home

  1. caoimhelionheart January 12, 2014 / 1:06 am

    Geesh! I was all in then I remembered I still haven’t been to collabor88 or the seasons story. I gotta run, thanks a lot Peep -.- :*** ♡

  2. spunknbrains January 12, 2014 / 3:47 am

    I love visiting places, but most often it’s more of a hassle to set up to take pictures. I just find it way easier to set my own scene and put my pose where I want to. Though I try and do both… though the exploring bug isn’t with me right now.

    • PeepSideshow Darkward January 12, 2014 / 7:34 am

      I find it so much easier taking photos on location since I started using LumiPro. As long as scripts can run, I can pose and adjust my lighting anywhere. And I don’t have to clean up after myself 😉

      • spunknbrains January 12, 2014 / 11:09 am

        I find LumiPro just as fundamentally hard to work with as I do Photoshop! It’s also very costly!

      • PeepSideshow Darkward January 12, 2014 / 2:52 pm

        No, it’s not cheap but I can’t live without it now. I’ve been through Stephan’s tutorials several times and being a beta tester for the last release really made me put it through its paces. I still really only use it for poses, eye positioning and basic lighting but I have been playing with the projectors a bit lately. I just love being able to carry my poses and lighting with me wherever I go!

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