Southwestern Flair

1 Southwestern Flair sm

The Liaison Collaborative has a definite Southwestern flavour with this month’s Dreamweaver theme. The home & garden offerings are full of rich textures and lovely detail. From furniture to rugs and wall hangings, decorative items and a gorgeous pergola, it’s all there.

Something for everyone, in other words, to create your own Southwestern flair.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

Available at The Liaison Collaborative through July 30th:
*Build: unKindness uK – Our Little Oasis 1 by Jamie Rozenberg
*Stones/container: Industry 7 _i7_empowerment stones by Poe Cross
*Feathers: Industry 7 _i7_feather on the wall_2 and _i7_feather on the wall_1 by Poe Cross
*Incense burner: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Incense Burner Wood by Paco Pooley
*Candles: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plate with Candles by Paco Pooley
*Table: Fiasco – Southwest Table by EllisDi
*Cushion: Kalopsia – Cozy Floor Cushion – Chocolate by Shawnesee Offcourse
*Bee Designs (gacha prizes at TLC) by Bee Caudron
*Sofa: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Sofa 2 RARE
*Rug: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Leather Rug
*Stool: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Stool 6 RARE
*Ottoman: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Ottoman 2
*Vases: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Pair of vases 2 and .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Vase 2
*Ladder: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Ladder 2
*Wall art: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Kokopelli

Grass: [we’re CLOSED] grass field dry by Wendy Xeno
*Cactus: Cleo Design cactus by Cleom Bailey

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