Southwestern Flair

1 Southwestern Flair sm

The Liaison Collaborative has a definite Southwestern flavour with this month’s Dreamweaver theme. The home & garden offerings are full of rich textures and lovely detail. From furniture to rugs and wall hangings, decorative items and a gorgeous pergola, it’s all there.

Something for everyone, in other words, to create your own Southwestern flair.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

Available at The Liaison Collaborative through July 30th:
*Build: unKindness uK – Our Little Oasis 1 by Jamie Rozenberg
*Stones/container: Industry 7 _i7_empowerment stones by Poe Cross
*Feathers: Industry 7 _i7_feather on the wall_2 and _i7_feather on the wall_1 by Poe Cross
*Incense burner: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Incense Burner Wood by Paco Pooley
*Candles: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Plate with Candles by Paco Pooley
*Table: Fiasco – Southwest Table by EllisDi
*Cushion: Kalopsia – Cozy Floor Cushion – Chocolate by Shawnesee Offcourse
*Bee Designs (gacha prizes at TLC) by Bee Caudron
*Sofa: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Sofa 2 RARE
*Rug: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Leather Rug
*Stool: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Stool 6 RARE
*Ottoman: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Ottoman 2
*Vases: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Pair of vases 2 and .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Vase 2
*Ladder: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Ladder 2
*Wall art: .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Kokopelli

Grass: [we’re CLOSED] grass field dry by Wendy Xeno
*Cactus: Cleo Design cactus by Cleom Bailey

Pool Party

1 Pool Party sm

Who says you need company to throw a pool party? Sometimes a bit of peaceful reflection is all you need to keep your sanity intact.

I have had a lot of insanity in my blogging life lately, with tons of wonderful things to style and photograph. The majority of items from this shot are available at The Liaison Collaborative for the rest of June. Fashion, pose and home & garden are all featured, so you can create your summer serenity all in one place.

It is definitely worth splashing out.

Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

  • Fashion
  • *Available at The Liaison Collaborative June 7-30, 2016
    *Swimsuit: [Azuchi] Emily Coral (Maitreya Exlusive) by Sands Leavitt
    *Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Jennifer” by Marisa Kira
    *Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Seashells tattoo white by sDEVAs

    Sunglasses: HAYSURIZA Eyewear Kyoto Sakura (Color) by Hays Uriza (available at ON9 June 2016)
    Head: CATWA HEAD Alice V4.9 by Catwa Clip
    *Skin & Catwa Head Applier: Elysium – Candice skin (red brow) – mocha freck by Aleida Rhode
    Body, feet and hands: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara by Onyx LeShelle

  • Home & Garden
  • *Available at The Liaison Collaborative June 7-30, 2016
    *Diving board/pose: oOo Studio Poses Dive by Olaenka Chesnokov
    *Bench: [ keke ] old garden bench – white by Kean Kelly
    *Table: [ keke ] old garden table – green by Kean Kelly
    *Bottle: [ keke ] mineral fizz seltzer bottle by Kean Kelly
    [ keke ] ‘omg its hot’ glass – ice by Kean Kelly
    [ keke ] ‘omg its hot’ glass – lime by Kean Kelly
    [ keke ] ‘omg its hot’ glass – cucumber by Kean Kelly
    *Table cloth: [ keke ] cloth1 by Kean Kelly
    *Wall plates: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Fishy Wall Plates by Paco Pooley
    *Seahorse figurine: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Seahorse Figurine by Paco Pooley
    *Ball decorations: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Ball Decoration by Paco Pooley
    *Anchor: Industry 7 _i7_old wall anchor by Poe Rozenberg
    *Crate: Serenity Style– Newport Crate by Hanstrid Inshan (gacha prize)
    *Life preserver: [Toiz] vintage buoy by Marinestella
    *Beach towel: DIGS – Newport Beach Towel – Stripe by Iris Maskelyne

    Pool: [tmk meets 10T&Co.] Pool for Skate c1 by Thunder Strom (retextured)
    Fence: [ba] white garden fence by Barnesworth Anubis

    Urban Haven

    1 Soho sm

    If you are a fan of an urban theme, or just in the mood to create an urban haven, you’re in luck right now in Second Life! The theme for The Liaison Collaborative May round is “Urban Jungle” and there are loads of great edgy items to pick up. From the gachas from [Toiz] to the regular purchases from [Fetch], 22769 ~ [bauwerk], Industry 7 and unKindness, you have a plethora of choices of products and buying method. It is a round that you really can’t miss!

    Also continuing the urban theme is, of course, 6 Republic, where you can populate your home or garden with more urban-ish things. [ keke ]‘s London set is, as always, beautifully crafted with a choice of a dark or light style and of course, a bit of tasteful bling. The pieces can be purchased separately, but DO splash out on all of them. They’re just lovely!

    And while the theme for Collabor88 is “Americana,” the guitar props from {what next} are so versatile they can easily fit into an urban setting. The guitar case is my favourite, with a variety of print textures at a touch to announce your venue’s acts, or to simply make a statement in your own loft.

    Go forth and shop. Your urban haven isn’t going to create itself.

    Pretty stuff I’m showing off:

    From The Liaison Collaborative (through May 30)
    *Build: [Toiz] 7. balcony aprtment rare by marinestella (gacha prize)
    *Partitions: [Toiz] 1. wood partition by marinestella (gacha prize)
    *Magazines: [Toiz] 3. marine magazine by marinestella (gacha prize)
    *Rug: [Fetch] Ary Bedroom – Rug by DistortedDreams
    *Gears wall hanging: [Fetch] Ary Bedroom – Gears
    *Floor planter: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vipers bowstring hemp by Paco Pooley
    *Table planter: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Succulent 2
    *Floor lamps: Industry 7 _i7_(1) urban lamp warm, _i7_(2) urban lamp warm, _i7_(3) urban lamp warm, _i7_(4) urban lamp warm & _i7_(5) urban lamp warm by Poe Rozenberg
    *Wall hangings: unKindness uK- Urban Tapestry.One & uK- Urban Tapestry.Two by Jamie Rozenberg

    From 6 Republic May 6-20:
    *Chair: [ keke ] london chair black by Kean Kelly
    *Table: [ keke ] london sofa table black by Kean Kelly
    *Lighted star: [ keke ] london dots – cava by Kean Kelly
    *London art: [ keke ] london wall art – black by Kean Kelly
    Hanging lamps: Glam Affair GA – Queens – Hanging Lamps Silver by Amberly Boccaccio (gacha prize)
    Wheel: Glam Affair GA – Queens – Rusted Wheel Big by Amberly Boccaccio (gacha prize)

    *Hanging guitar: {what next} Hanging Guitar (Black) by FrankLee Anatra (available at Collabor88 May 2016)
    *Guitar stand: {what next} Guitar Case Sign by FrankLee Anatra (available at Collabor88 May 2016)
    Film canisters: Distorted Dreams .::DD::. LCA Reels COMMON by Epic Maidstone (gacha prize)
    Slate: Distorted Dreams .::DD::. LCA Slate COMMON by Epic Maidstone (gacha prize)
    Megaphone: Distorted Dreams .::DD::. LCA Shouting Cone COMMON by Epic Maidstone (gacha prize)
    Books: Soy. Covered books with vinyl by Soyoy
    Wings: Me Sew Sexy *MSS* Fallen Angels Wings Red by Jaylen Oh (gacha prize)